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When will I get married? Plz help me..

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Namaskar guruji,


I'am a female born in New Delhi on 21st October 1979 at 1:30 p.m. My parents are really worried about my marriage. Whatever proposals come either horoscope don't get match or some other issue rises and it won't materialise. I'am also worried as now most of the proposals gets rejected due to my age. They say I'am too old. Please tell me whether marriage is there on my cards. Will I get married this year? Will I marry the person I wish? Will I have a good married life? Will my prospective groom is from Delhi or other states or abroad. Pls tell me guruji.....


Awaiting a favourable reply at the earliest.


Thanks & Rgds

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As you are born on Amavasya, moon has no strength. Moon is also your 7th lord represnting husband or partner. Lagna lord Saturn is in 6-8 relationship with lagna associated with Jupitor and Rahu. Jupitor is responsible for marriage for a lady. These things delayed the marriage. Better you wear pearls garland and ring with yellow saffire. Do puja for Sani on every saturday in any temple through a pandit. The running period of Guru will help you. Don't wear dress or ornaments with red or close to red colour.



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