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Booth Pretha Vashikaran

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jai Gurudev,


Again This IS Raghavendra Here,

Please Post Tested OK yantra Mantra Tantra

If You Cant Teach Us Please Read Below Thread :


Again I Am Saying, We WIll Get Log More Things From Book Magzines,

But We Need That From Tested person, I Mean Guruji,


I Heard That Somany people, Made Booth Vashikaran.. And They Made Booth Work On Their Proffession..


And Pretha Vashikaran For To Get Answers For Un-Known Questions,


So Please Explain It From Basic, Thanks..

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Man !!!!!!!!!!!! don't run after the Bhoota or similar as it means the worshiping of them. Next life, you will born in that parrticular Yoni. Vashikarana means to get them work for you and it will destroy your next life.


Concentrate in high level sadhanas if you wish to...depends on you buddy...what you choose to be....so never ever try Vashikarana at anyone, anything if you wish to make your next life better and easy going.


Why the hell people tend to forget Guru Mantra ??? Still, there are chances being cheated by the crowds of Gurus....


Sadgurudev Shrimali Ji has appointed a successor ....but very few people know it...there are only few people like Shastri Uncle & Shrivastav Uncle and there are few other people too like Anil Joshi ( i guess i haven't forgotten his name) and Radha Bahen....and few others ...........................


So there's only one person who can take us to the Siddhashram..........



Jai Gurudev

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there are no short cuts to success... the easiest way is to do some hard work... there is a story... a man asked a bhut for a rolex watch...the bhut was under his control so it brought the rolex watch but cut the mans hand ...because the bhut knew that the man wasnt supposed to wear the rolex... there is a price which has to be paid for anything u get through means such as bhuta pishacha... and i am sure u wont like the price u have to pay... ro stay away and stay happy

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