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confusion about karmas

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Q. If one gets the fruits of his pious activities and sins in his next life, what happens in swarg or narka. Is there really a heaven and hell? If there is and if we go to heaven and hell for our good or bad karmic actions in present life then our next life shouldn’t be affected at all. Secondly in Bhagwad gita Lord Krishna says as soon as one dies the soul takes another body somewhere. If we believe that then it means the soul doesn’t go to heaven and hell then whats the purpose of heaven and hell?

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Good question.


Heaven/Hell and rebirth are not related.


The vedic religion was not strong on rebirth...instead it focussed on the heaven concept. Depending on one's activities in life, one would go to a different level of heaven. The common practice of ancestor worship found in Hinduism is an element borrowed from the vedic religion which is connected to the heaven concept mentioned above.


Eventually the theory of Karma and rebirth became more popular in Indian religions and superseded the heaven concept. But for some reason, ancestor worship (which is incompatible with rebirth) has survived the result being Hindus believe in rebirth + worship ancestors, which conflict with each other.


In short, if you look at a pure vedic system such as Mimamsa you will only read about the heaven concept. But if you look at other streams which along with the Vedas also base themselves on the Bhagavad Gita, etc., the theory of karma and rebirth is given more importance.



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