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  1. I get your point but when you think practically considering present day activities its a bit hard to absorb. I'll give you a practical example. Few years ago when I was in India, studying, a lot of astrologers told me a few things like I'll settle in abroad, I'll work in electonic field (thats when I was in India) and during the course of time I was told like when will I get married etc. and those things came out to be true. Now if that was meant to happen what control do I have on my karmas or what difference does it make that what type of karmas do i do. This was only related to me. Take another example. Say I was driving and a small pup came under the tyres of my car and died. Was that his destiny or I did a bad karma? If that was his destiny, I shouldn't be punished, but does that happen? For some bad karmas its pretty straight forward answer like say if you steal and get caught, you'll be punished. So there you get the fruits of your karmas but if you a leading a normal life with normal everyday activities like going to work, shopping etc., what future are you building on the basis of those karmas? But when I look at my life, you are building a future, there is a future already built, I don't know on the basis of what, maybe previous life karmas. If its built on previous life karmas then I'm even more confused because I've heard and read that after death the soul goes to heaven or hell and get the fruits of its deeds. Hare Krishna
  2. Asking a question to know about something doesn't make someone materialist. Thats not important what you are asking whats important in why you are asking. If God has given you the knowledge and if you are surrendered you must have plenty of answers including answer to this question. I may not be the surrendered one yet but I read each and every post with a very open mind. What you said was right but only for those people who ask questions not for their knowledge but to criticise or to play word games. I would love to see the answer from you as I am having a feeling that you know it but you didn't posted it thinking that I wouldn't understand as I'm not a surrendered soul.
  3. Dear Nrsinghadev, Thanks for your reply. Yes some athiests did came to me with some questions which I couldn't answer but this particular question was not asked by anyone, it just came to my mind. My second problem is I don't have a guru. I'm researching other resources as well and will keep posting my findings here. Hopefully one thing will lead to another. Thanks for devoting your time brother. Hare Krishna
  4. Hare Krishna, If I just had to pick one there would be no point in posting this question. Its clear now that one of the two things is right, either science or religion. But at this point of time its hard for me to believe that one of the two is totally wrong. Science may not have got all the answers but I don't think its 100% wrong, specially in this case. Same way I may not have got all the answers from my religion but I don't think it doesn't have my answer, I may not have just found them yet. I'll continue my search anyways because I'm sure there is a definite answer to this question and then will post it here .
  5. Hare Krishna, I'm still confused. There has to be a specific answer, afterall ours is the oldest religion in the world. I believe there are a few things in life which are pre determined but again a lot of events occur because of our present karmas. Its hard to believe that each and everything is pre determined otherwise there would be no karmas. So, I think a person's life is mixed with some pre determined events (probably based on previous life's karmas) and results of present life's karmas. Thats just my thinking, I maybe totally wrongs. Still looking for a solid answer. Hare Krishna
  6. Brother, no need to apologize. When I read your message I understood your point of view and all those things you pointed out in my message were true. I know there are many atheists not only on this board but everywhere. I live in Sydney and often find many people asking questions about Hinduism and nothing is more embarrasing for me when I couldn't answer them. When I found this forum, I saw a bit of hope that I might get answers to some of my questions which will just bring me more closer to my religion. I've uploaded a couple of questions under Spritual Discussions as well but still haven't found the proper answers. You are definately much more learned than me. All those books you've mentioned, I didn't even know that they existed. I'll try to get them asap. I may not have got answer to my question yet but I'm very much pleased to know a soul like yours. You are one of the rare with pure heart. Haribol
  7. Thanks for your reply. But now I'm confused that as a Hindu what should I believe. Afterall ours is the oldest religion and we claim it to be the best and feel proud of it. There has to be a specific answer which should be same for every Hindu to follow.
  8. Dear Nrsinghadev...Looks like I've offended you in some way but that was not my intention it was probably because I'm not as learned as you. You are right, whatever I know about Human Evolution is from schools etc., just like everyone else. If I would have believed what they teach in schools, I wouldn't have posted my question here to look for truth, i would have simply believed them. I'll definately try to get the copy of Forbidden Archeology and Human Devolution but if you can guide me where can I get that from, I'll be very grateful. I'll search for that on the net anyways. As far as Hindu mythology is concerned, I probably should have used simply Hinduism and ofcourse its not a fairytale to me. I apologize for my mistakes and will be careful in future.
  9. Hare Krishna If everything is prewritten meaning whatever meant to happen will happen then whats karma and fruits of karma ? If someone is destined to be killed by the hands of some other person how come that becomes the sin for the murderer as it was already written in his destiny. Please clarify.
  10. Q. If one gets the fruits of his pious activities and sins in his next life, what happens in swarg or narka. Is there really a heaven and hell? If there is and if we go to heaven and hell for our good or bad karmic actions in present life then our next life shouldn’t be affected at all. Secondly in Bhagwad gita Lord Krishna says as soon as one dies the soul takes another body somewhere. If we believe that then it means the soul doesn’t go to heaven and hell then whats the purpose of heaven and hell?
  11. Hare Krishna, I have a ques and am looking for its answer for a while..Please help Q. We all know that human beings were apes and gradually learned to walk straight, create fire, hunt, cook etc. Thats how human civilization started. In which yug did this happen because humans in satyug were not humans like us. They were a lot taller and stronger. If that evolution happened in any other yug after satyug that means that human civilization was finished in between four yugs. Please clarify.
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