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I am Namarata Agarwal.

borm and brought up in Mumbai.Date of birth 12 nov 1984.Time Of birth is 19:30pm.

I have a problem relating my relation and marriage.I love a bengali boy.His name is Shubhro MAITY.Born and brought up in Kolkatta.time of birth is bet 20:07 - 20:10pm.

My parents are not agreeing for my relation with me and he wants to get married in Jan 2008.with or without my parents agreement which i wnt be able to do.....

I am so broke that i wnt be able to pay you for your services.But hoping you would help me..I am under alot of stress....plz help me waiting for your reply.


Can you please help me with some mantra to chat so that my parents agree for my marriage.




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Dear namrata

Yes what ur thinking is good like u can only be marry to him when ur parents ready becoz as i had seen so many cases without parents agreed u wont live apart in whre and just first u tried to make balance in ur family disucss all option regarding to guy whom ur planing to marriage and also by sitting peacefuly that the guy u had selected is nice in every aspects and then u can aware ur family about ur feelings.. i m sure ur parents will agree but first disicsion is urs..



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I totally agree with Adwait. Think twise before you act. Dont forget you need to spend your whole life. And your are going to take big a decision. Sit peacefully and then think. What you gain if you marry that guy and what you loss. try to balance your gain and loss. If I am in your position I will not disobey my parents. because because of them I am here. And they takem care of me till yesterday.

I am not insisting you to obey your parents. But final disicion is yours.


You can not solve this with any mantras. Try to convince them. They might be orthodox thats why they are not agreeing. But it is not their fault.


And remember none of the parents want to hurt thier children. They are thinking of your good future.


No need to specify your name in this forum.. We are here to help all. We will do our best always..


If you want to delete this message you can do that.



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