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  1. Kindly delete the messages form the site as you are violating some one's privacy
  2. Hi, I am Namarata Agarwal. borm and brought up in Mumbai.Date of birth 12 nov 1984.Time Of birth is 19:30pm. I have a problem relating my relation and marriage.I love a bengali boy.His name is Shubhro MAITY.Born and brought up in Kolkatta.time of birth is bet 20:07 - 20:10pm. My parents are not agreeing for my relation with me and he wants to get married in Jan 2008.with or without my parents agreement which i wnt be able to do..... I am so broke that i wnt be able to pay you for your services.But hoping you would help me..I am under alot of stress....plz help me waiting for your reply. Can you please help me with some mantra to chat so that my parents agree for my marriage. Regards, Namarata
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