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Does the soul sleep with the body ?

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We are the soul. The soul does not sleep. It moves around in the body. Not everywhere.. Just places within the body depending on our Karmas. Yet all the inner senses act the same way. Just that were are in a different stae. Dreamless or dreamfull.

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the word body ...for kosha... is a mistranslation..... it simply means a sheath or a layer..... ...... there is no body ... the body is an illusion (seemingly real) in the mind.... mind(mana)is made of thoughts revolving around an individuality "i" the ego which itself is a thought only.when an indivdual experiences the world he experiences in the individual mind ....in the state of moksh the dynamic world of creation and destruction continues....however there is no individual there to string together experiences and create an individual experience of the worldly phenonenon..... again according to upanishads the breath and the mind are the same ....the rishis who explain the path fo jnana as means to liberation speak in terms of mind......while the rishis who prefer the path of yoga and the control of breath as a means to control the mind speak in terms of breath.........both are the same thing........if u want to know more please read a lot ........ better still find a good sadguru and do spiritual practices ....theory is a waste of time....


PS there is no such thing as "soul" seperate from the mind ..... all thoughts arise in bhraman as waves arise in an ocean....... with the rise of thoughts there is a rise of many thoughts of "i" which are limited egos confined in time and space ...these limited egos are what we call as souls..... or jivas.... they are not created .....they are not fallen.....they simply arise ....and because they arise there is no control over them and therefore some follow the sattvic path ..some the rajasic path and some the tamasic path .........*** **** *** would ever create tamasic beings and bring about suffering to innocent people"...A word to the w***.............

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If not than where does it goes ? ok it is dreaming while the vital-body (pranmay kosha) is sleeping, but what when we are not dreaming ?


Or if soul is consciousness of the body & so the state of nidra is just an unconscious body like a dead body, why does the dead body doesn't awake like when we wake up from our sleep ?


Actually Soul doesn't sleep or awake. It merely exist separately from the body, not affected by what happening to the physical body.


When you dream, sometimes, the Soul (the subconscious) will show your (the Conscious Self) things which you could have missed in reality. That is why many of the Pyschiatrics will ask people on what they have dreamt to understand what going on.


Frankly speaking, the only reason why some people could say that there is no "separate" entity other than the Mind is because they could experience the Mind (by emotions) rather than experiencing the Soul.

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