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when will i get married and with whom?

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Hi all,


I would like to know about my marriage time.can i get a response in this regard?My details are as follows:


POB:Bokaro Steel City(District:Bokaro,State:Jharkhand,Country:India)

TOB: 8:55 a.m.

DOB: 6th January 1985


With regards,



N.I.T. Rourkela


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Hi ekanti

Iam very much intereseted in vedic astrology and still learning

So iam giving what ever i know and its upto you to decide to

accept it or not.


Your lagna is aquarius.

Two planets mars and venus are placed in lagna

The venus in your chart is the lord of 4th and

9 th house and is the yoga karaka.Venus

placed in lagna is an indication that you are

really good looking and very much dutiful to your

spouse( after marriage !!). Also it is making you very lucky.

Your parents are also very much helpful to you.but the placement of

rahu in 4th house may cause some problems to parents.

Mars in lagna can make you brave and sometimes short tempered

and have manglik dosha.

Since the seventh lord sun is along with jupiter in the 11 th

house, indicates that your spouse will be pious, god fearing

with good reputation. But due to slight doshas he may occassinally

away from you and slightly short tempered and dominating.


But you are born on a fullmoon day (poornima) and this moon is

placed in the fifth house, which gives you a very fertile mind

and imaginations. you are really suitable for research related

jobs, analytical, mathematics or as an research assistant.

This moon may give more female children than male childs.


Marriage usually happens during the dhasa of planets looking

to seventh house or lord of seventh house, planets along with

seventh lord, dhasa of venus or moon.In your chart i think that

your marriage will take place at very young age, before 27th.


You are running the dhasa of jupiter started from 1988 and last

till 2011. since it is associated with 7th lord sun, it may

give chances to get married in this period. After this dhasa

you have saturn's dhasa and chance get some what lowered. But

during the anthardhasa of saturn of venus, moon, jupiter,sun

and mars( since mars is aspecting 7th house) can also enhance

the chances of getting married.


According to my thoughts, the following are the probable

time that yoou may get married.

Ju/venus 2005 to 2008 ( you may be studying during this period)

ju/sun 2008 to 2009

ju/moon 2009 to 2010

ju/mars 2010 to 2011


and if not get married during the above,


sat/venus 2020 to 2024

sta/sun 2024 to 2025

sat/moon 2025 to 2026

sat/mars 2026 to 2027


Also your chart indicates that there are chances that you may

get affair with some one in your relatives and may be slightly

over sexed. ( due placement of saturn,mars and venus ).


Once again above predictions are what i think, please sent mail

whether this correct or wrong, since it may help me to improve my

knowledge in vedic astrology.

Then see you ..

my mail id is brijmohank@iitb.ac.in

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Hi BrijMohan,


can u tell mine too as to whom will i get married to?


POB: Warangal,AndhraPradesh

TOB: 3:45 AM

DOB: 27 AUGUST 1988


I loved a girl from my 9th class .... she broke up with me ....she was everything to me...

Can u plz tell me if she will b in my life again???? plzzz

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hi Brij Mohan


i read ur predictions given to ekanti about her marriage, i also want to know when i will get married. nd some pandit also says that i am manglik, but unfortunately most of them want money,thats why i cant trust them, can you please confirm me that is i am manglik ?


my D.O.B : 1st sep 1981

time :3:20am

Birth place : Srinagar


Thanks a lotttttttt

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