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  1. Hi Please give your birth place !!
  2. hi I went tru the birth chart Can u confirm the birth time, whether 16:15 or 18:15 as per my little knowledge, if at 16:15 lagna is vrishiga there is no such great problems that cause stammering. Since jupiter is placed in seventh house and aspecting lagna and moon, this can cancell most malefic effects of other planets( lakhsham dosham gurur handhi). The second lord is placed in sixth house, this may contribute slightly for any problem with talking( but very less). Does he have any mental tensions ?? ( due to moon in lagna , good paksha bhala but low sthana bhala) .
  3. Hi sajith Sun and mercury is placed in ur seventh house will not make death to ur wife after 3 years of your marriage ( even if sun is in his sathru kshethram). That is for sure. but two planets in seventh house may make a tendency for you to love some girl in in ur youth and marry some other girl. Also the sun in saturn rashi, since it is ur lagna lord may make you go to after the wife for the causes made by you for divorce or some thing like that ( wife house members will dominate u and create problems for u, also ur wife might be a graduate/learned/student/interested in medicine, biology, health sciences etc...!!). The astrologer who have gone thru ur horoscope also might have found that mars is in seventh house of the moon. so the astrologer might have thought that, despite of the problems caused by sun ( ur lagna lord) placed in seventh house ( in saturn's house) and mars in seventh of moon, and also moon is some what strong in ur horoscope ( not full moon, but..). so he might have concluded in that way. any way in my observation or my way of approaching ur horoscope, tells me that you defenitly is going to have some trouble in ur married life !!. this my opinion, but please be optimistic , since my obsevation may be not correct completly. also there might be a chance that the birth details may also not correct... ( since in kerala they adjust the details for getting admissions in schools, as far as i know ). and the placement of saturn idicates that ur mother may be very strict or may be dominating and some what croocked type and you would have suffered a lot from ur mother. and u may feel lonley at times and may have problems in ur own house or owned house ( house may me very old or not appealing much ). and some time have problems in ur education also ( since jupiter is also placed like that ) and finally my dear friend, I had analysed ur horoscope with my limited knowledge and also i dont know any remedies so far. thank you lets hope for the best !!
  4. Hi ekanti Iam very much intereseted in vedic astrology and still learning So iam giving what ever i know and its upto you to decide to accept it or not. Your lagna is aquarius. Two planets mars and venus are placed in lagna The venus in your chart is the lord of 4th and 9 th house and is the yoga karaka.Venus placed in lagna is an indication that you are really good looking and very much dutiful to your spouse( after marriage !!). Also it is making you very lucky. Your parents are also very much helpful to you.but the placement of rahu in 4th house may cause some problems to parents. Mars in lagna can make you brave and sometimes short tempered and have manglik dosha. Since the seventh lord sun is along with jupiter in the 11 th house, indicates that your spouse will be pious, god fearing with good reputation. But due to slight doshas he may occassinally away from you and slightly short tempered and dominating. But you are born on a fullmoon day (poornima) and this moon is placed in the fifth house, which gives you a very fertile mind and imaginations. you are really suitable for research related jobs, analytical, mathematics or as an research assistant. This moon may give more female children than male childs. Marriage usually happens during the dhasa of planets looking to seventh house or lord of seventh house, planets along with seventh lord, dhasa of venus or moon.In your chart i think that your marriage will take place at very young age, before 27th. You are running the dhasa of jupiter started from 1988 and last till 2011. since it is associated with 7th lord sun, it may give chances to get married in this period. After this dhasa you have saturn's dhasa and chance get some what lowered. But during the anthardhasa of saturn of venus, moon, jupiter,sun and mars( since mars is aspecting 7th house) can also enhance the chances of getting married. According to my thoughts, the following are the probable time that yoou may get married. Ju/venus 2005 to 2008 ( you may be studying during this period) ju/sun 2008 to 2009 ju/moon 2009 to 2010 ju/mars 2010 to 2011 and if not get married during the above, sat/venus 2020 to 2024 sta/sun 2024 to 2025 sat/moon 2025 to 2026 sat/mars 2026 to 2027 Also your chart indicates that there are chances that you may get affair with some one in your relatives and may be slightly over sexed. ( due placement of saturn,mars and venus ). Once again above predictions are what i think, please sent mail whether this correct or wrong, since it may help me to improve my knowledge in vedic astrology. Then see you .. my mail id is brijmohank@iitb.ac.in
  5. Hi I went thru the horoscope and i think he is born on lunar eclipse day. sun and moon is 180 degrees out of phase with rahu and ketu indicates that the person is born on a fullmoon day with lunar eclipse. Since the fullmoon is placed in his seventh house, there is a chance that he may get a very good dutiful and loving counter part (wife) and moody some times. He also have very moody behaviour which is constantly changing. He also posess very deep thinking and wide areas of kowledge regarding medicine , electronics etc.. the placement of saturn and mars in fourth house can create alot of problem regarding mother, house, education, heart etc. There is a chance that he always complains about his mother who did'nt take much care of him. The eclipse in kendras as far i know is not good .. and i am also is a student interested in vedic astrology so my knowledge is also limited.. But let me know , what i ve said is correct or wrong , so i can also improve in vedic astrology. any way that person is really a 'genius' due to the moon and saturn.
  6. Hi I found four planets in your 12th house ( jupiter, mercury, venus and sun) also jupiter is exhaulted (neecha) and dont have neecha bangham. I think you stayed away from ur parents in child hood ie; mostly in hostels or boardings. also you have a tendency to spend a lot of your money. The placement of rahu may cause some problems to the left ear . mars make u very courageous . But let me know ur current status... And about me . iam studiying mtech at iit-bombay and is interested in vedic astrology.
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