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  1. i am 30 year old girl, want to know when i will get married? some pandits says that i m manglik some says that i have manglik dasha but it is ineffective. i am very confuse, Please help me. will i get arranged or love marriage ? as i met a boy before 8 years, but unfortunately got separated. will i ever meet him again, whenever i think about marriage the very first name comes in my mind is his. Please guide me should i accept the arranged marriage proposal without any complaint. or should i wait for him. as my parents are very much worried about my marriage. and i have younger brother also (he is of also marriage age) and my parents want to get me married first. Please HELP, me my D.O.B : 1st sep 1981 time :3:20am Birth place : Srinagar Country : India Thanks a lotttttttt
  2. hi Brij Mohan i read ur predictions given to ekanti about her marriage, i also want to know when i will get married. nd some pandit also says that i am manglik, but unfortunately most of them want money,thats why i cant trust them, can you please confirm me that is i am manglik ? my D.O.B : 1st sep 1981 time :3:20am Birth place : Srinagar Thanks a lotttttttt
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