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We are happy to invite you to participate in construction of a beautiful temple to glorify Lord Nityananda at His Birthplace Ekachakra Dham. Nityananda Mahaprabhu, being non-different from Lord Balarama, appeared here in the second half of the 15th century as son of Hadai Ojha and Padmavati. There are many holy places around Ekachakra Dham like Bankim Raya Mandir, Bhandisvara Mandir, Nityananda Janmasthan , where Nityananda Prabhu has performed His lilas which currently needs lot of maintenance and care.

Become a share holder by buying transcendental shares at Ekachakra dham! Invest now to earn unlimited spiritual benefit to your generations! Shares are going away! Book your shares NOW!

Nitai-pada kamala, koti chandra susitala

“The Lotus feet of Lord Nityananda are cooling like a milion moons”.

What is the significance of constructing a temple?

To help building a temple is highly glorified in vedic literatures as it offers the highest welfare to the human society by bestowing the oppurtunity to render loving devotional service to the Lord. Even by making a small contribution, one gets the full benefit of building a temple for the Lord. That is His mercy.

Why is it important to Participate?

Srimad Bhagavatham refers to the story of Krishna reciprocating unlimitedly to the fruit seller woman to whom for the exchange of some fruits given with love, He filled up her whole basket with gold and precious gems.

In his purport, Srila Prabhupada mentions that, “With Love and affection, one should try to give something for Krishna from one’s source of income. Then, one’s life will be successful”.

Glories of serving the temple as extolled by Scriptures :

“Pratisthaya sarvabhaumam sadmana bhuvana-trayam

Pujadina brahma-lokam tribhir mat-samyam iyat”

(Srimad-Bhagavatham 11.27.52)

“By installing the Deity of the Lord one becomes King of the entire earth,by building a temple for the Lord one becomes ruler of the three worlds,by worshipping and serving the Deity one goes to the planet of Lord Brahma, and by performing all the three activities, one achieves a Transcendental form like My own.”

What is the history and glories of Ekachakra dham ?

Caitanya Caritamrita declares that,

“One should take shelter in the Lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, for He is the original spiritual master. It is by the mercy of Nitai that we can obtain the love of Krishna”.

Ekachakra dhama is known as the birthplace of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, who is understood by Gaudiya-Vaisnavas as being non-different from Lord Balarama. It is mentioned in the Caitanya Caritamrita (Adi 13.61)

radhadese janmile thakura nityananda

gangadasa pandita, gupta murari,mukunda

“In Radhadesa, the part of Bengal, where the Ganges is not visible, Nityananda Prabhu,Gangadasa Pandit, Murari Gupta and Mukunda took birth.” In the purport to this verse, Srila Prabhupada gives a detailed description of Ekachakra.

Besides being the birthplace of Lord Nityananda, the Pandavas once resided in Ekachakra with Kunti devi during their exile period. Bhima relieved the villagers from the clutches of demon Bakasura by killing him.

The village of Ekachakra was formerly located at the far east end of what is now known as Birchandrapur. It was centered on the Garbhavasa, Jahnu Kunda and Bakulatala. After Nityananda Prabhu disappeared, the place slowly became deserted and later, Birchandra Gosai (the son of Nityananda Prabhu) re-established the village as Birchandrapur. He also established Bankim Raya Mandir.

There are many holy sites around Ekachakra. To name a few are: Bankim Raya Mandir, Bhandiswara Mandir, Nitai Kunda, Pandava Tala, Bakula Tala, Nityananda Janmasthan.

Scriptures praise the glories of Ekachakra dham as :

“Without pride and false prestige, one should unhesitatingly fall down into the dust of this sacred and hallowed land. Few devotes achieve the good fortune to attain Ekachakra. Roll in the dust! Laugh! Cry !sing and dance in ecstasy, for one who has come on pilgrimage to Ekachakra has received rare and confidential mercy

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