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Did Ravan keep Yamraj as captive?

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Pranam Avinash



I have read that Ravan kept death as captive. Who was this death? Is it Yamraj (lord of death) or somebody else?


No not captured but assumed his victory.




All the answers you seek are in utarkand in Valmiki Ramayan as well as in Tulsidas Ramchritra Manas

Also your question on if Ravan was born with ten heads (yes) is also addressed

Ravan having gained boon from Brahm ji, went in all direction to fight, defeated devas and danavas.But was also defeated by some, but that is another story.

To cut the story short (Utarkand sarg 22) he encountered Yama the god of death there ensued a fierce fight first with his ganas and later with Yama. Ready to use Yama dand Lord Brahma intervened and thus respecting Lord Brahma, Yamadev Disappeared from the scene, Ravan assumed his victory. There is similar victory with Surya as well. I can recall having seen on Film or read somewhere that Ravan had captured Sanidev but at the moment I cant be sure.

Maghnath Ravanas son defeated Indra thus his name indrajit.

I hope this helps

Jai Shree Krishna

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I watched one of the shows that Ravan have captured AND tied Yama Dewa at his bedroom. In another show, it was Sanni Deva (who had his eyes tied with scarf), who kept riddiculing him (Ravan) till his defeat at hands of Sri Rama. In both stories, it is said that the Devas had become arrogant over their powers, enough to the point that Maha Vishnu had turn His face away from them (fall out of grace).Funny thing was, Ravan made the same mistake with his own arrogance when he assumed that humans were too little to posses any threat to him, thus did not include Humans as possible threats when Lord Brahma asked who are the beings which he cannot be defeated by. This shows ... even the mightest man on the Planet could be killed off by an ant IF God sees it fit to do so. So check your pride and ego at all time.

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