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  1. Dont you think, they were installing Cross like structures which resembles Christans Holy Cross
  2. where is the proof, I dont belive without seeing or feeling that there is life outside earth, which sastra says that there is life outside earth. you first said there was nothing and then god created everything, what do you mean by everything
  3. I am not able to understand what is so great about krishna, I go to all temples and I dont have any preference There are so many Gods, like Rama, Ganesh, Siva, etc and each one has their own family God (ie who worship a particular god right from the begining of their family origin), that being the case why there is so much Emphasis on Krishan alone. is it because of Gita or something else,some one please clarify...
  4. BJP activists raise Cain over ‘cross’ Wednesday September 12 2007 14:30 IST <SMALL>ENS</SMALL> <SMALL>TIRUPATI: BJP activists demolished a fibre structure resembling ‘Holy Cross’ at Alipiri, the gateway to Tirumala, this evening. Learning of a six feet structure was being taken to Tirumala and was waiting at Alipiri for routine security checks, BJP activists rushed to the spot and climbed the truck and destroyed the pillar. The 15 feet pillar was a sample of the 125 pillars being taken to Tirumala to line up the four Mada Streets for the Brahmotsavams. BJP leaders Bhanuprakash Reddy, Samanchi Srinivas and others opposed the move of the TTD to erect such structures on Tirumala. When contacted by this website’s News Paper, TTD Chief Engineer BVS Koteswara Rao said that they were installing the pillars resembling the architecture of the era of Sri Krishnadevaraya along the four Mada Streets, behind the galleries, for the annual Brahmotsavams. These structures were to be used for hanging pots and bells adorned with flowers as part of the decorations. The destruction of the fibre pillars was an act of ignorant fools, he remarked.</SMALL>
  5. Krishna and Jesus are two different entities, you cannot compare them, Krishna is God but jesus is just a messanger of god, I think you understand the basic diffrence
  6. you are right he is not a brahmin he must be a leech
  7. You are totally wrong, do you know why people go to temples, churchs and mosques...God likes us to test us and in return expects us to beg his help....
  8. i work of a company where my manager is a brahmin. He has given lot of abroad offers to brahmins only, he has given promotions and more salary hike to brahmins only. if any bodys name ends with iyer and iyengar he will be happy to meet him and do all the favours. My specific case I am an software programmer I am performing equally well with all other brahmins but for me no promotions no salary hike nor no abroad offers.. why is this biasness... will a brahmin get reward in the heven if he helps other brahmins alone?
  9. How did you come to a conclusion that Muslims and christans are bad, just by looking at the new papers and watching news, Even RSS people burnt lot of muslims and chirstians alive they didnt even spare a priest in the church for that sake even gandhi was killed by an hindu, indra gandhi was killed by so called shiks, rajiv gandhi was killed by hindus this is not the question of cast it is the question of what type of human you are.
  10. Brahmin will better take birth as a dog rather than a pious man. I hate Brahmins from the bottom of my heart
  11. it is believed that Hanuman is still alive on some parts somewhere in himalayas
  12. how can anyone travel through air with out plane or helicopter or atleast a gas balloon?
  13. why did god create life on earth, why not on other planets, and why not on other galexies, is there any answer any where in puranas...
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