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Heights of Self Promotion

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Radha Krishna Das mentioned in this message is the son of the composer of this message, Rajasuya Das - Temple President of ISKCON Ludhiana! Heights of self promotion!


------------Forwarded message ----------

ISKCON Ludhiana <ISKCON.Ludhiana@pamho.net>

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 16:40 +0200


"Free Forum (Announcements)" <Free.Forum@pamho.net>


ATTN: The Temple Presidents & other authorities of ISKCON India,

Hare Krishna! Please be recipient of my most submissively prostrated obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Gaurangadeva accompanied by His divine entourage.


This e-mail is composed in order to inform the various Honourable Temple Presidents & other related Governing Authorities of ISKCON Temples in India that His Grace Radhakrishnadas Prabhu, the duly initiated disciple of His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaja, who is an integrated part of ISKCON Ludhiana (Punjab), a very much reknowned preacher and a great scholar being fully conversed with the Bhaktivedanta Literature, the vedic scriptures, the literature of the previous acaryas esp. the Sad-goswamis of Vrindavan and having attained profound mastery in Sanskrit language, will be conducting a scholastic & empirically interactive weekly Katha Programme pervaded in its totality by the discretionary profound erudition on Srimad-Bhagavatam (Balaram-Katha) in Hindi at ISKCON Punjabi Bagh ( N.C.T. of New Delhi) upon being most cordially and courteously invited by His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaja (G.B.C. & B.B.T. Trustee) and His Grace Varahadas Prabhu - The Temple President of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh (New Delhi) as a pre-requisite adornment for the Sri-Vigraha Prana Pratistha Mahotsava (Deity Installation Ceremony) of Their Lordships Sri Krishna-Balarama, and Sri Gaura-Nitai. This programme will occur peculiarly at Sri Radhika-Raman Lecture Hall of ISKCON Punjabi Bagh Temple commencing from the 21st of August 2007 and lasting uptill the 27th August, 2007. On the 28th of August 2007, the Diety Installation Ceremony will occur. The exact period of the occurence of this event (Katha Programme) will be from 19:00 to 21:00 I.S.T. (Indian Standard Time).

H.G. Radhakrishnadas Prabhu is fully conversent, well-versed, and fluent in the following laguages: 1)Sanksrit 2)English 3)Hindi 4)Bengali and 5)Gujarati. The personal e-mail address of H.G. Radhakrishnadas is: radhakrishna@pamho.net.


H.G. Radhakrishnadas Prabhu, who is the youngest preacher in ISKCON India, is in an absolute neccessity of being the fortunate recipient of the gracious blessings and well-wishes of all the senior devotees of ISKCON India. Please shower your most heartily blessings on H.G. Radhakrishnadas Prabhu, so that His Grace, on behalf of ISKCON Ludhiana, can continue propagating the doctrine of Srila Prabhupada tinged with the legacy of Sad-goswamis and the gospel of suddha-krishna-bhakti as taught by Sri Caintanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Krishna that His Grace has begun since last three years traveling and wandering throughout the various ISKCON centres on the globe.


In service of Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON,


Temple President

ISKCON Ludhiana

Punjab, India

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I fail to see how promoting one's son counts as "self-promotion", unless we are taking the Mayavadi "all one" position.


Rajasuya Das would be benefitted if his son is respected and adorned by the gullible neophyte bhaktas who fall for the externals very easily. Later his son will be made a president/zonal secretary/gbc etc. So it's extended sense gratification. It should also be noted that the bond between parents and children are more stronger in India. So father projecting the children or children projecting the father would be mutually beneficial. What power doesn't a temple president in India have these days, especially when they are each sitting on millions of dollars?


I feel like throwing up over this self promotion. :eek:

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I think there should be another section of the forum for personal attacks and vendettas.

These attacks on people we don't like don't belong in the "spiritual discussions" part of the forum.

Take your personal grudges somewhere else.


Who gives a damn about what little nobodies in ISKCON are doing!


The whole damn institution is about personal promotion.


Why single out one chump to pick on?

He sees that it is going on all over ISKCON and is just following the pack.

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