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Do You Feel Loved By Krishna?

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Yes...really, I mean really bad shit happens in this world. And, like it or not, the theistic Vedic model provides the most rational answers for those seeking answers to why it happens.


Why would the extant facts of karma and reincarnation prevent anyone from standing up for themselves and/or the innocent? To act or not to act is a personal choice...we all have free will. I could stand by and watch a criminal rape my wife, or I could pull out a pistol and kill him...I've already thought that one through.


Sometimes we do have to act aggressively, even violently, to defend what is right and our responsibility to protect.

I agree completely except there is a dangerous fanatical interpretation to the 'humility' tolerance idea that was being quoted


We may not

give any opposition; still, opposition will come to disturb

us. And we must forbear.

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theist: "Christ was tolerant up to being beaten and crucified himself but raise a hand towards his Mother and heads would roll."


mahaksadasa: Or make offense to his Daddy, hell grab a whip and clear the temple without a second thought.


Krsna loves the criminal who severely offends even his great devotees, but he also loves the ones who protect his devotee. The crimes are settled, all must pay, this is the temporary realm where karma is the law. So the guy who rapes will pay, and the guy who blows him away will pay as well. The amount owed is the question, the rapist bill is incalculable, and without receiving forgiveness from the innocent victim, there is no repayment. The one who is acting out of protection owes only the price of the bullet.


Haribol, ys, mahaksadasa

I we understand karma in the simplistic way it's usually understood there are no innocent victims.

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