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This is present global developmet, world-wide farmers being forced by their own governments what food to grow and to enact the law that farmers are allowed to only use GM seeds provided by US global seed industries and to enact a ban for farmers to sell their own seeds. Of course those governments are themselves put under pressure by global monetary systems controlled by a dozen private international bankers. Like we see in India some resistance groups calling them, "seeds of destruction with love from Monsanto" -- an US major player of the global biotechnology industry.


Millions of India Farmers Join Lawsuit Against Monsanto & Biotech Industry over GMO Contamination

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines

GM Crops Contaminate Honey in Bee Hives




... And just when you thought the GM debate couldn't get any sillier...

In Western Australia, pro-GM lobby groups are pushing for the lifting of the moratoria to allow the commercial growing of GM wheat!

There are a few problems that they are forgetting to consider:

- There is no market for GM wheat or GM contaminated wheat. Wheat is a food consumers are expected to eat directly, not indirectly as food for stock or as oil and it will be required to be labelled as GM.

- No country in the world is growing GM wheat commercially. Even US and Canada refused to allow GM wheat commercialisation due to the economic risk.

- If GM wheat is released commercially, all farmers will be expected to market as GM unless they participate in a rigorous identity preservation system to prove there has been no chance of GM contamination and no GM in the final product. Any I.P. system is considered price prohibitive if there is no tolerance of GM allowed.

- There is no tolerance of GM wheat in non-GM wheat.

- There is no workable field test available to ensure there is no GM wheat in non-GM wheat. There is no advanced test that does not involve destroying the grain in the process of testing.

- Anybody pushing for lifting of the moratoria claiming a potential economic benefit could be classified as either lying, negligent or plain stupid. Any government would be negligent if they ignored their legislated role to assess economics by allowing GM wheat to be commercialised.

According to the Australian Wheat Board policy (*here)

"GM Wheat

At present there is a clear market signal from international and domestic customers that strong reservations exist concerning GM wheat. None of AWB’s National Pool customers are prepared at present to purchase GM wheat. Based on AWB Group’s experience in managing the National Pool we believe there is currently insufficient capability within the supply chain to ensure complete segregation of GM and non-GM grains. Due to this lack of capability, the introduction of GM wheat in Australia could jeopardise many of our existing export markets. AWB believes that GM wheat should not be released commercially in Australia until market preferences change and/or supply chain technologies and protocols are developed that will ensure that customer requirements can be met."

Why the pressure? Because a local company has developed what they claim is salt tolerant wheat. The preliminary trial results showed better performance in 180 millisemens per metre, however conventional non-GM wheat performed better in 67 millesemens per metre.

Julie Newman (08) 98711562

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On a similar note, there was a Florida PBS broadcast a few late nights ago (should've been prime time) showing how Sunshine State farmers r trying to regain/return gradually to pre-white man Everglades, Okeechobee etc.

Or else - "It won't b the water but the fire next time"

iow - what a mess we've made.

Or as Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel:

"Well here's another fine mess you've gotten us into."

Like Roger Moore's book "Stupid White Men".

Not a racist remark on my part.

Micasuki tribesmen had/have been telling us all along to respect the Supreme Breathgiver's Creation.

How did we react? Yet another casino.

Panther Crossing... :crazy2: Little Joe, Snake Eyes, Let It Ride... :deal:

The most advanced technologically 'naturally' pollute most too.

Naturally Prabhu = Sri Kapindra Swami's name (he went by) when he first joined ISKCON Brooklyn 1970-1.

Tangential yes. Related... sort of, no?:smash:

KRSNa warned Arjun that Maya-danava's techy gift would spoil everything.

Simple Living, High Thinking? Forget about it.

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