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I read somewhere if you just think of Krishna and not His devotees, Krishna will aniliate you in His Brahmajyoti!:eek:



Where is somewhere?

Does it matter?

Did you hear it from bona-fide shastric sources or from somebody who doesn't matter.


By the way, the word is annihilate - not aniliate.:smash:


Krishna alone is Vasudeva.

Krishna alone is also the Paramatma.

But, then again Krishna is never alone, because you are always with him.

and he is always with you.

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Let me guess!

You heard it from some GURU somewhere who is hard up for disciples and needs some cash flow?


the brahmajyoti is so much higher than material sense gratificiation, that you can't even imagine the bliss of brahman.


The Vedas give much emphasis to realizing brahman.

It's not something evil or nasty.

It's a great achievement that many yogis spend lifetime after lifetime trying to attain.


Material sense grat is the real hell, not the brahmajyoti.

It's the pure effulgence of Krishna.

It can't be all that bad.

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