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Premature menopause

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>I am 36 years old, having two children(age 6,8). About three years

ago, we terminated one unwanted pregnancy at 10th week(MTP). I agreed

to it as husband agreed to vasectomy. After approximately 4 months

cycles resumed, just 2 days with scanty flow. Gradually the flow

reduced to spotting in 2-3 cycles and now for last one year no cycle

has occurred. After consulting Ob-Gyn, Ultrasound of uterus, ovaries

shows normal reports. But gradually, I am putting up weight, breast

have become baggy and libido has vanished. Ob-Gyn is recommending

hormone injections, but I am unwilling to take due to fear of cancers

about which you have written from time to time; such possibilities

were not negated by Ob-Gyn. They say I am now facing premature




What may have driven me into this state? Can ayurveda help me? Due to

the distance involved, I can ask only through email. Can I take some

Over the counter medicines? I would like to restart m/c.





Despite personal mail, author replies on the list so that others also

benifit. Firstly, author takes you to message 6729, an excerpt from

which is reproduced here:


"Another most common ovarian dysfunction and endocrine

disorder which affects approximately 15-20 per cent of women in the

reproductive age and is a major cause of infertility is the an-

ovulatory cycles. The affected women will often have signs and

symptoms of elevated androgen levels, menstrual irregularity as well

as weight gain, a slight amount of abnormal hair growth on the face

or the body and no periods at all (amenorrhea) if the imbalance is



The "normal" reports of your ovaries and tubes indicate that PCOS has

not advanced much in your case, but your ovaries have received trauma

due to terminated pregnancy. We also slow down in life as we receive

shocks and turning points. This type of cases often come after C-

section, Tubectomy, mastectomy, loss of an infant.


Under the diagnosis of premature menopause by Ob-Gyn, this author

believes that your "agni" driving ovaries has become extinguished. If

there is a death or grief, we do not feel hunger, in the same manner,

the fire (Shukra dhatu) has become cold. Despite one year holiday,

cycles may start provided you are willing to take positive view of

life, start everything from a fresh slate. Author has seen that

family environment, relations with in-laws, tension in work place,

health of children (perhaps ADD, Autism) causes this type of

slowdown. Menstrual cycles and pregnancy is best outcome in the

environmnet of love and peace. Many women had unplanned pregnancy

when reaching husbands home after a long separation. Perhaps ovaries

are driven by heart chakra too!


Ayurveda has a wide range of phytosterols to strengthen ovarian

functions. Various Ghrutams made from herbs and cow ghee are used to

balance out hormones. Shatawari Ghrut for instance. Aloe vera,

cinnamon, fenugreek, amalki, honey,

glycosugars in sweet fruits, shilajit, shatawari, aswgandha, is a wide spectrum. The

goal of herbal medicine here is to start ovarian function,

and supporting optimal endocrine function. The ovaries have

friendship with Thyroid gland and pancreas too and author notes that

they underperform simultaneously. The well known herb which is for

Indian ladies facing menstrual irregularities or scanty flows is Aloe

Vera. Best if you have a plant in your home satisfying the conditions

given im message 4283. Take

with a little turmeric and Saindhav salt on an empty stomach early in

the morning. Wait for an hour before taking anything else. This is a

good remedy for Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis also. In case aloe

vera is difficult to get,

You may use Kumari Aasav (No. 1) about 15 ml with equal water. This

is to be taken upto 3 months after periods resume. Along with Kumari

Aasav, you may take two tablets of Rajapravartini Vati, Kanyalohadi

Vati or Eladi vari 125 mg each with water. These tablets are made

from Lohabhasma, Asfoetida, Tankan Bhasma, etc. Shatawari Ghrutam

about 1 to 2 tsp in warm milk after breakfast and at bedtime is an

ovrian tonic. Continue 3 months or longer till cycles regularise. ONce cycles start, take from 15th cycle day till the day of next cycle. You may note that all the three tablets are also made combining Aloe vera with other herbo-minerals.


This protocol can help even to those with inadequate flow or having

pre-menstrual pains, stiffness etc. For those who can take panchgavya

medicines, author suggests "Nari Sanjivani" (see govigyan.com). The

obsiety is due to unprocessed meda dhatu. Once liver becomes active,

it will kick start dhatu building process. It only remains to help it

by undertaking slow and steady exercises (Not cardiac exercises) such

as walking, yoga etc. Best time for these is early morning. To help

burn fat, one can take fenugreek water ( 1 tsp fenugreek soaked

overnight, drink only water), ½ tsp cinnamon powder with 1 tsp honey

while starting meal, and 2 tabs trifla guggulu slight chew and

swallow with warm water within an hour after meal. Lemon juice with warm water and 1 tsp honey is also a well known home remedy, which works if you do walking daily.


Reduce night shade family (potato, brinjal, tomato), beans, black

gram, horsegram. Increase green gram. sesame seeds with jaggery

made in the form of pancake will help. Aamla juice with honey is the

best home remedy to restore Shukra dhatu. If you have to eat legumes,

eat sprouted form. Prefer light and warm food, Consume fruits,

whole grains, vegetables. Use spices such as black pepper, turmeric

and ginger, all three help liver. Avoid meat, cheese, sugar, cold foods and drinks. Weekly

fasting is helpful. Most or all of the daily food should be consumed

before 6 p.m. Do not sleep 2 hours after food.


1. Lifestyle - Get up early (by 6AM). Mustard oil and linseed

oil are often recommended for massage, twice a week. Massage on breast with aswagandha oil and shatawari ghrut may be tried daily. Drink plenty of

warm water throughout the day. Eat plenty of cooked, leafy greens, as

this helps elimination and is also a good source of calcium. The fat

turns into triglicerides stored in the liver due to diet lacking

fiber. The agni is often driven by simple minerals such as Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potasium.


2. Panchakarma – The stopped menstruation dictates treatments to

balance apana vata. The slow down of ovaries is due to slow down of

agni here, which can be achieved by removing the buildup of wastes

and toxins, referred to as "ama," prominently in liver and in the

body's adipose tissues. Just as fireman stokes the wood/coal burning

in the boiler, The accumulation of cholesterol in the liver, in the

form of tryglicerides is what the primary cause of central obesity,

making liver fat generator rather than burner. Extreme cases require

repeated liver detoxification till vata is fully balanced. The

connection of the liver with PCOS has been hinted at by author in an

earlier message 8409. HOwver, Panchkarma therapy may be undertaken only under supervision of a local vaidya.

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Thank you Dr. Bhate for this reply.

According to some authors menstruation is a disorder of modern women and could be cured by proper diet and yoga practice. I have heard of women missing their periods after practice of kriya yoga, and it is supposed to be a sign of spiritual evolution. Can this be true? Is it possible that the practice of yoga could lead to hormonal disorders in women that results in putting on weight?

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Dear Madam

As per as i had read your complete history yes there are many effective medicines in AYurveda that can cure your problem and no doubt that yoga is effective in body but along with u need to take regualarly medicines of Ayurveda for minimum 4-6 months..

and the complete Ayurvedic Treatment for your problem is :-


preparation number 1

raja parvartani vati

voladi vati

nastpustantak ras

kumarika vati


mix all those medicines and make one single coupund take regular 3-4gm twice a day with Jeera powder..


preparation number 2-

Pusyanug churna

6-7 gm churna twice a day with normal drinking water after lunch and dinner..


course number 3


tiladi quat 3 tea spoon

patrangava 3 tea spoon


6 tea spoon water after lunch and dinner..


Artav pravartika vati ( Put this 2 vati in vagina before sleeping every day )


any more doubt about medicines and quantity mail me any time..





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