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  1. Hi aghora could you tell us how your condition was improved?
  2. I realise this is an old message, but has anyone achieved specific results with this practice? would be very interesting to know
  3. Geriforte (tablets) from the Himalaya Company and Neem, might also be useful in such cases.
  4. Thank you Dr. Bhate for this reply. According to some authors menstruation is a disorder of modern women and could be cured by proper diet and yoga practice. I have heard of women missing their periods after practice of kriya yoga, and it is supposed to be a sign of spiritual evolution. Can this be true? Is it possible that the practice of yoga could lead to hormonal disorders in women that results in putting on weight?
  5. is there also a pranayama exercise called amaroli? as for the urine therapy, I have tried it without any significant results, therefore I am rather sceptical...
  6. unfortunately the first link that was posted in this thread is not working anymore was that the whole text, or could you perhaps post it here? thanks
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