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Words and Feelings

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It's a subtle science Pankaja, and why we are instructed to spread the Holy names and pastimes to all we meet. As Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati has said "the only lack in this world is that of Krsna Consciousness".

Everyone is dropping down dead all around us at every moment with various misconceptions and so it is advised to give that which gives joy to our hearts and what the saints recommend to give the best feeling possible to the soul proper is Krsna Katha.

Transendental sound vibration will act as the panacea for all ills and ignorance, whether conscious or unconconscious.

And if we are humbly endeavouring to come in the name of Krsna's devotion then others might just appreciate your sharing, yet nothing is guaranteed in this world, it is possible the environment may turn around and insult you for your effort making you feel like a worm. The power of the word can make or marr our relationships in this world and it is why it is also recommended to give affectionate honor in our dealings not superficially, but it goes a long way to creating an auspicious environment for ourself and others around us.

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