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when, how, whom to decide as a GURU ... people like me are religious but not that involved to know the above .... going to any BETHAKJI and returning without doing JHARIJI ritual is not accepted by our mind and soul .... the main problem is there is no elderly in the family who vould guide me correctly ... recently we had to go to CHAMPARANYA and before leaving we made a GURU from the same gharana of my mother-in-law but I am not satisfied or happy ... the reason is we are not getting any guidance from him... we went to meet him and wish him ... sat in front for quite a long time but sorry to say he did not even glance at us ... let aside me .. I would not expect but not even at my husband... he went and kneeled down at his feet to get his permission for going to CHAMPARANYA ... and the reply was ... "ha to jav..." ... such are many other incidents but I would not like to say anything against my GURU but what I want ot know is can I have one more GURU for my spiritual guidance??/

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Dear Didi,


One may have a diksa guru as well as unlimited number of siksa guru. Diksa is formality and siksa is gives you advice. Through the internet we can have many many wonderful siksa guru giving us good advice and instructions via the boon from the gods of the internet in this the age of Kali.


In Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12 it describes The Symptoms of Kali Yuga. In 12.2.3-4 it explains that in the age of Kali "a man will become known as a priest or brahmana merely by wearing ceremonial dress" and that "such symbols alone will suffice a person to become a religious leader".


Thus in this age of Kali "it is the best of times, it is the worst of times."



One more guru we have and always have had with us since time immemorial is Chaitya guru or Lord in the Heart. Also known as Param Atma. There is only one thing that God cannot do, He cannot take himself out of you. He is in your heart and in fact pervades the entire three worlds within in every atom.


Thus really in this the age of Kali or quarrel and hypocrisy you might as well truly just dress up yourself as a guru in privacy of your own home and give yourself darshan in the mirror, due to how rascal and degenerate people have become in this sinful age. Now become your own wise best friend and learn how to lean on the strength and power of your own spine.


Through the internet you can study all of the scriptures of the world and learn what is to be done and what is not to be done, the Yamas and Niyamas. Then just practice this behavior in your daily life, leading an

exemplary life. By your good example, in this way you will become an instructing or siksa guru to your husband, relatives, and family by your own good example, diligence, and spotless purity.


Many many saints were and are the everyday ordinary people of the world, the mothers grandmothers aunties very pious and dedicated.




This age of Kali is very good time for us to help and encourage each other to break co-dependency on looking to "others" to do the work for us for our enlightenment. We have this tendency to think that it is all up to others, so we trust others, become meek and humble before others and look what you describe: the arrogance of someone in external position receiving honor and worship. It is like throwing pearls before swine.


Would you behave as arrogantly as this demoniac person? Of course not! Would your best friend behave like this towards you? Of course not! Then is very danger we put all of our innocent faith and love trust and respect onto another person who may in truth be arrogant cheater. And even if a potential guru can so expertly externally play-act better than this hideous sinner person you have described, it is possible also is hiding some secret sins.




Therefore you yourself should go deep within yourself and discover the truth that everything you need is all within you. Inside of you is bija or seed and by watering with mantras then gradually sprouts grows and ultimately fructifies bearing sweet fruit the internal core experiential cognizant knowledge that we are more than the food-based body or anna-maya kosha but in truth our essence is indeed saccidananda: eternal full of knowledge and bliss, the ananda-maya kosha.


Study your religion in the privacy of your own home and discover this wonderful truth: we are immortal beings, we are srnavantu visve amrtasya putrah; we are the children of nectar. Then living this Reality so much Light will emanate from you when each act in each moment of each day you dedicate it to the Divine. Then by living for the Divine our lives become full of joy and all of the living beings in this universe our brothers and sisters.


Joyfully thank this arrogant fool who so disrespectful to you for teaching you to turn within and rely on your own spine and the Lord Within. Now carefully study diligently the Sanatana Dharma and act with purity, following as carefully and mindfully as you can all of the Yamas and Niyamas, then surely you will become beacon of hope and happiness and good example to others within your own family and sphere. The Vaisnava Mystic Sri Chaitanya said, By my command become guru!" Therefore in truth, it is all within you as well as it is all up to you. "Be the change you want to see in the world." Aum.

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