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  1. when, how, whom to decide as a GURU ... people like me are religious but not that involved to know the above .... going to any BETHAKJI and returning without doing JHARIJI ritual is not accepted by our mind and soul .... the main problem is there is no elderly in the family who vould guide me correctly ... recently we had to go to CHAMPARANYA and before leaving we made a GURU from the same gharana of my mother-in-law but I am not satisfied or happy ... the reason is we are not getting any guidance from him... we went to meet him and wish him ... sat in front for quite a long time but sorry to say he did not even glance at us ... let aside me .. I would not expect but not even at my husband... he went and kneeled down at his feet to get his permission for going to CHAMPARANYA ... and the reply was ... "ha to jav..." ... such are many other incidents but I would not like to say anything against my GURU but what I want ot know is can I have one more GURU for my spiritual guidance??/
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