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Islam and The Day of Judgement?

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No. Just wondering. Once a Muslim dropped some water on my head when I was 10 years old. I think I'm already a Muslim.


You're only a muslim when you accept only Islam, reject all other religions and believe koran is the word of God and Mohammed the last prophet. A muslim dropping water on your head doesn't mean a thing. You cannot be a Hindu or HK as well as a muslim. You cannot believe in the Gita as well as the Koran as the two faiths cannot be reconciled, they go against each other.


And by the way you cannot convert to any other religion when you are a muslim, another muslim has the right to kill you if you convert to another religion.

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just wondering, vaishnavas don't need to follow these vedic rituals, do they? Just chant and there delivered!


If your conciosness is on Krishna then your under the control of Krsna and these things dont have to be done. A vaishnava has no material duties nor social duties (Do the degree we have sarva dharma parityaja). As it says in the Gaurada purana Yamraj is the King of every entity except the Vaishnavas he has no jurisdiction over them.


As long as we are sincere Krishna takes care of us.

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