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My realization of controlling the mind..

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I don't really know how it happened. But I was wanting to control my mind, or feel how it felt to control it.


The most amazing thing happened.


I was sleeping and awoke for a second like a dream-like state but consious. And I could feel myself that my mind was clear and I could actually control it. It wasn't more I could control it, but there was no need to. Very peaceful. Gave me confidence that it can actually happen (yiiiipe ka ya)


Like the lake, when you look into it with murky water you can't see it. But when it is clear, it is easy to see underneath it (best analogy) To explain how I felt.


It was one of the most amazing feeling ever (who doesn't want to control thier mind).


I cannot actually describe it. But I 'have it'. The experience. Cannot really pass it on to others. Except through words.

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Jay Shree Krishna,


Pleasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me how do you do it...i have tried a lot...sometimes i try staring at the wall and i try not to think so that i can control my senses but it hardly ever works and if it does it is just for a few seconds



Please give me some advice,


Thank you

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Guest guest

Hare Krishna


Congrats, You had what is called a "Lucid Dream" by metaphysicians. I have experienced these as well, so I recognize what you are describing.


A Lucid Dream is when you awaken inside the dream state and become lucid (aware you are dreaming). You realize your surroundings are a projection of your mind, and you are actually not in the 3d world. So from there you can begin to control the scenes around you. The more skilled you are in Lucid Dreaming, the more you can take control. Usually I can keep the lucidity going for about 1 minute, and then my eyes fully open and I am outside of my virtual reality.


As you have more of these experiences, they can get better and can be used for spiritual work. I know the Tibetan Buddhists traditions have a whole set of teachings on working in these states, called Dream Yoga. :)

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Guest guest


I wasn't dreaming at the time.


Namaste Pankaja Dasa,


You said:

"I was sleeping and awoke for a second like a dream-like state but consious."


this is why I said it sounded like a Lucid Dream. If you had said you had experienced this during meditation, than I would not have called it a Lucid Dream experience.


The term Lucid Dream is simply a term that is used in dream-yoga circles, and was not meant to put down your experience. Infact, Lucid dreams can be very important spiritual experiences, and a sign of progress on the path.


Regardless of what one 'labels' the experience, I am happy to hear about your experience in controlling your mind.. :)

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