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Did Adi Shankaracharya denounce Caste?

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How can I deal with them? I can tell them "I do not see it in that manner", I can tell them to read people like the Shankaracharya who did not see it in that manner, though they support the birth system. I can try and live according to the ideals of the ideal varna dharma in my life. Beyond this, I cannot convince them otherwise if they keep saying that I want to remain at the top.


The Varna system should be looked upon as division in work, rather than division in spiritual level. To belong to the Brahmin varna means you are supposed to partake in a certain class of works for society. The same is true for the other varnas and their works should be considered just as important. Self control, austerity, simplicity, devotion to God/Truth and spiritual life can be the common aims of members of any Varna; if you think it was not so before, then modify the system along these lines.


I have no problem if those who advocated that all can become the Brahmin also mention that the work of the Brahmin must be carried out in full (after seeing what it is). This is what the same Shankaracharya is demanding out of the Brahmin community. Of course, we are failing in this but that is not the reason to suggest that we all scrap it, but rather to figure out ways of doing it properly.


A society based on competition at the level of work will be stifled at that level.


I see the society of today, and I see this problem. I can sense that the ideal Varna dharma (birth-based, for otherwise the system will naturally recollapse) overcame this problem, and my feeling I find is supported by the statements of the Shankaracharya. Figure out how to minimize competition at the level of work, making the effort in work become Karma Yoga (a fight for survival sense will make this next to impossible for most, unless they are already jnanis) for one and all, and allow all the opportunity to direct their energies in the spiritual direction. These are among the aspirations of the Varna-dharma system. (P.S. remember the spiritual/religious ideal is the driving force and not the atheism and blank talk of equality). Think out a way you or other no-birth varna supporters can achieve this for the society in a large scale and see if you can implement this in small scale in your own family. If you cannot, then don't be so quick to condemn the Varna-dharma system (birthbased, for otherwise it would likely not go far, and besides it is what we have in some working fashion now), but rather try as I am trying to give it new life by cleaning off the dirt while retaining its essential working structure. If you can, then bring about such a constructive approach to work in a larger setting> be constructive with the aspirations and not destructive: what is lost may be more valuable than we can presently assess.


"Hinduism can survive perfectly without it" if and only if the social and work system can be rooted in religious aspiration and not competition. The Varna system must be held in the birthbased manner till we find such an alternative, and those who can must make the effort to bring this one system that had achieved these ends back into proper shape. (We are much closer to this end than those who want to root it out entirely).





this is a message for Guest. If you want to know the mantra for calling up

before Mother Kali's puja, then you have to attend the temple at 107-34

Inwood, Jamaica, NY. Uncle Lewis knows everything and you have to go

there for him to teach you the mantras, but I guess you have to prove yourself worthy of learning them first.



You are encouraging people to go to Uncle Lewis to learn mantra and he knows everything. Then how come he can not heal himself and stop walking without a stick? Why he can not fix his daughter marriage? You must be a man because some of the young women who goes to him for help concerning their husband do not get the help they need. Instead he will say to them, "that Mother Kali tells him that, he will live 100 years and that he should take them and make them his wife and have a baby to run the Kali Temple." But sad to say, the babies never makes it in the world. So what are you talking aboiut proving yourself worthy of learning mantra. I guess you do not know Lewis Pancham. You think you know him. He do not deserve to be called Uncle and well as being a leader of a temple. Do you ever hear a religous leader curse. Lewis Pancham cusrse, "Harry right to Harry left", this is his choice of words. So please do not recommend anyone one their and also to the Church his son-in-law Dave Sukhu runs. They are the same type. Try to spend some time and get to know him first.


Thank you very much.

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Guest Arya Sanchari

Originally any person learned in the Vedas is a Brahmana. It's a shame how insulting and derogatory some of these responses are to the questions posed. Such small souled ppl. All conditions and janmas are determined by Karma. In those days because they controlled everything and had powerful lifestyles, yes it was good to be born a Brahmin. Now what would you say the best caste is lol? Hinduism is a way of life. Not a religion. Buddhism is filtered Hinduism without ridiculous dogma or foolish casteisms. It's all derived from Vedas. If you want the truth read all of them. Not what selfish ppl try to control you with.

- Arya Sanchari

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Hare Krishna,


First thing , It's almost impossible for a non-hindu to comprehend Varna dharma of Hindus . Varna dharma was created not to lower shudras . It was created to preserve social purity and veda .


Adi shankara was certainly right . Because he was the knower and master all shastras . He proved all his bhashya according to scriptural quotes . Many vedic scriptures support varna by birth . I will give you some proofs from Bhagavata Purana .


Proofs from Bhagvata Purana :


Shudra are not allowed to hear veda :


   " Shudra and Women are not allowed to hear veda . So vyasa created the mahabharata and ithihasa. " ( Bhagavata purana 1.4.25 )



Varna is by birth :


Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are very near to Shri Hari’s feet by virtue of their birth and Vedic ceremonies .( Bhagavata purana 11.5.5. )


The Lord tells Srideva in Srimad Bhagavata (10.86.53):

" brahmano janmana sreyan sarvesam praninam iha
tapasa vidyaya tustya kim u mat kalaya yutah "

"The brahmana is superior to all living beings by birth , let alone when he is austere, learned, content and devoted to Me."

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