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Kundalini Jagaran in 1 minute !!!!!!

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Long back, when I was in Delhi, Swami Ghasitanandji Maharaj came tome

and asked me to get ready to go. Without a question I startedout. In

the way I asked him guruji where are we going btw. Gurujireplied," I am

taking you to J.N.Stadium, where MatajiN……..(name withheld) is

performing a mass kundalini awakeningprogramme. I was amazed," But

guruji, why are you taking me there ? Yourkundalini has already

awakened long back and my kundalini you canawaken any time.? Guruji

smiled," Yes u r right….take it as part of pre-kundiniawakening

incident and note carefully what you see and feel…wewill discuss it

later. So we reached there…the stadium was full of public. Men

women,children, oldies all were there in their best clothes and

highspirits. Outside road was full of vendors, and people were

enjoyingChaat, alu tikkis, Gol Gappas, ice-creams etc. etc. At least

theKundalini of vendors was awakening as Laxami, that was clear. We

entered the stadium after crossing many metal detectors,frisking by rude

police-men, and found a seat. I :- Guruji there are around 100,000

people here ? How wouldMataji generate so much energy to awaken the

kundalini of so manypeople ? Guruji :- Beta this Mata ji is very famous,

she has millions offollowers all over the world. Each fortnight she

performs thisKundalini-jagaran festival in major cities of India and she

has beendoing this for the last 30 years. I :- OMG wow …( I

calculated quickly…100,000 per time 104times a year and for 30

years) guruji that means she has alreadyawakened the kundalini of 320

Million people in India ? guru ji (smiling); Yes beta you are right ! I

:- But guruji, you told once that if we have even one Hunderedpeople who

have fully awakened kundalini, in India, our country wouldbecome

heaven…so why all these corruption, crime here ? guruji

(Laughing):--- You are right…that is why I brought youhere…see

your kundalini is awakening and you are correctly analyzingthe

situation. I looked around…people were enjoying. A Girl

disciple ofMataji was singing Bhajans, and nobody listening. Old women

holdingthe children while the young parents busy in love talks, young

boysand girls trying to start a new love-affair at that holy

place…businessmen busy in chalking out their new strategy for the

comingevents. Suddenly someone announced – Mataji has come all

may pleasestand up and welcome Mataji. We all stood up and saw toward

the gate. 101 young sanyasis were ready with their conchs. 101

sanyasiswere ready with Ghadiyaals, and 101 virgin (god knows) girls

waitingwith flower petals to shower them on Mataji. As soon as

Mataji entered, all the 101 conchs and 101 Ghadiyaalstarted

playing…people cried –Mataji ki jai. I told guruji

"guruji…this Mataji seems to have some powerful Aura….ifeel

overjoyed and vibrations in the body. Guruji chided," Idiot…this is

not spiritual power but Masshypnotism, If there are 101 conchs blowing

and 101 Ghadiyaalsringing and people chanting….then even if you come

asMataji…people will feel vibrations…this is power of sound not

ofMataji. Mataji came and sat on a royal chair. All the

corruptpoliticians, inefficient Police officers, lazy civil servants

linedup with garlands to welcome Mataji….this drama took about

onehour. Then Mataji spoke and welcomed the crowd, explained a little

aboutkundalini and then asked people to follow her instructions.She

asked people to chant "Jai mataji" and keep left handunder the buttocks

and right hand on the head…there was pin dropsilence in the stadium.

Then she asked crowd to lift the right handslowly above head, while

chanting her Jai-jai kaar. Then she declared on the 10000 watt super

stereo public addresssystem, in a deep voice…Now you will feel cold

air coming out ofyour head and going into your right hand. She repeated

this exerciseagain and congratulated the crowd by declaring," my

children nowyour kundalini has been awakened ! The awakening which

takes a yogidozens of years has been awakened with God's grace

throughme…now those who wish that kundalini keep awakened may

becomelife members of her organization, the stall for which are at

therear, by paying an amount. Then Mataji asked," Is there anyone

whose kundalini has notbeen awakened ?" Hundreds of hands were raised.

I also raised myhand as I also felt nothing. Guruji angrily asked me to

put down myhands saying,"U fool don't be a part of the crowd…justsee

the Tamasha" My neighbour asked," Your kundalini not awakened ?Mine

awakened !!in first effort. Mataji is great. " I looked towards

him…he was a shopkeeper from my area. I knewhim well. He had been

under arrest many times for selling fakebranded articles. His first wife

had committed suicide…second wascrushing under his gambling,

womanizing and drinking habits. And hiskundalini had awakened and not

mine. I felt sorry and saw towardsguruji with sad face. Guruji

winked at me and smiled….i burnt with agony. So there were some

200 people who said their Kundalini was notawakened. Mataji called them

to the well near the stage and askedthem to sit there…and repeated

the exercise, after chanting somespecial mantras. Now most of them

agreed that their Kundalini hasbeen awakened. But still some 20/25

people left….They openlydeclared that they felt nothing. Mataji

was embarrassed. She asked them Are you disciple of someguru ?. Some

of them informed they had taken initiation from AsaramBapu, a few others

named another saint. Mataji smiled and declared," those who are

disciples ofAsaram, and paramanand will not awaken kundalini so easily.

Youpeople should come to the ashram, first I will bring out

Negativeenergies out of you which your gurus have put in you…then

youwill have the jagaran. I trembled with rage… Guruji

immediately held my hand and weboth came out of the stadium. The

stadium was echoed withMatji's Jai …..i was sad and angry while

guruji was smilingand whistling………I looked towards him for some

explanations…buthe only uttered Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu,

Vishnu-Mayeti Shabdita Namastasye…Namastasye,

Namastasyi…namo namaWith LoveBaba

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Guest guest

Ha! Ha! Babaji Im sorry that you couldnt raise your Kundalini.


I want to act surprised, but then I remember that this sort of

Dhloklen-bazi is more common than pure hearted search for God. Why

spend years meditating when you can get the same effect in 1 minute,or

a money back gurantee!


Maybe this is one of the reasons many of Tantras Siddhis and powers

have vanished in Kaliyug- There are so many idiots that the few people

who do bother to look for god(with honesty and Love) are sure to find

him/her. In satyug, when everyone wanted to be with God, the excerises

were difficult and took 1000s of years to complete. In Kaliyug we only

need 24 hrs meditation to find God, but even that is too much fo some





PS Pls remember that the same Devi exists in Intelligence too


Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Buddhi Rupena Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha











" on the web.



    Terms of Service.

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I dont understand hindi so well. I went through your blog.What is the connection between beejas and chakras and how is beejas connected to chakras.


Each book has different beejas mentioned for each chakra. I am not able to discern which is true.


How does chanting beejas help in kundalini arousal. I think it makes praana move through Sushmna is this correct?.







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Hey Kundalini jagran is no aspirin, my dear fellow.If someone promises one minute jagaran , of what Yogis(Celebates who have renounced the World not Householders as us) many births to achieve this, someone promises you in one minute?Kundalini is no burger of McDonald Mr. Wise Up.Do what scriptures hold to be true.Chanting the Name of God is the easiest way and the best suited for todays age. Do you see Siddhas walking the lanes of the country ? Kundalini Awakening is no joke, Samadhi ensues and the person sees everything as brahman.Extreme feeling of renouncement ( Vairagya) follows.The eight superpower comes.If you follow those Kundalini awakened people you met there, you fill find many in pubs with their girlfriends.Wise up Guy.

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Certainly its not aspirin , Its a fruit of a that spiritual tree which you root and water it for many births . Ones Kundlini Shakti awakens only when 'God' wants . But it is also true that 'GURU' can help you in awakening you kundlini shakti in a minute.Proof is Swami Vivekanand Ji got His Kubdlini shakti jagran soon after his GURU Swami Param Hansa touched his third eye chakra with his thumb of foot.


But again its "God's Grace" to get such "Real GURU" and not The Commercial One . Your Good Karmas help you to get "True GURUS" & "True GURU" makes you understand the difference between You , Your Soul & Your Mind , GURU makes you to understand the why we have come on earth and actually what we are doing ? What should be aim of our life ? Being performing all worldly responsibilities , keep moving towards that aim ....


And once you understand this , "Inner Vairagya" developes and you automatically move towards your Ultimate Aim ...............


But you really need "GOD's Blessings & Grace " so that "GOD" Himself come in your life as "GURU" and teaches you all these things as w teach our new school going child .


I wish everyone do get "True GURU" .

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