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  1. Hi , At present i am in Mumbai , but would like to suggest you that please don't miss visiting this temple . Its going to be the most beautiful temple in India in future , Its "Gumbad" is made up of "SHANKH" . manan dham morta - Google Maps
  2. I don't know your problem is solved or not but still ............ I would advise you to read Durga Kavach in morning & evening , keeping your right hand middle finger in a glass of water , and after reading durga kavach sprinkle that water in your house , and in the boundaries of your house. Durga kawach is most effective , but in case not interested in doing durga kavach , read hanuman chalisa keeping finger in water and sprinkle that water in home. If you can keep hanuman chalisa continuously for days and night for some time , Hanuman ji himself will come. This happened in America in one of our known person house. Her husband got serious accident and there was no chances to save his life . She without thinking anything , started chanting hanuman chalisa in Hospital it self . And it worked .....................
  3. Certainly its not aspirin , Its a fruit of a that spiritual tree which you root and water it for many births . Ones Kundlini Shakti awakens only when 'God' wants . But it is also true that 'GURU' can help you in awakening you kundlini shakti in a minute.Proof is Swami Vivekanand Ji got His Kubdlini shakti jagran soon after his GURU Swami Param Hansa touched his third eye chakra with his thumb of foot. But again its "God's Grace" to get such "Real GURU" and not The Commercial One . Your Good Karmas help you to get "True GURUS" & "True GURU" makes you understand the difference between You , Your Soul & Your Mind , GURU makes you to understand the why we have come on earth and actually what we are doing ? What should be aim of our life ? Being performing all worldly responsibilities , keep moving towards that aim .... And once you understand this , "Inner Vairagya" developes and you automatically move towards your Ultimate Aim ............... But you really need "GOD's Blessings & Grace " so that "GOD" Himself come in your life as "GURU" and teaches you all these things as w teach our new school going child . I wish everyone do get "True GURU" .
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