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To weed out the grass or not?

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Hari Bol everyone,

Im finding myself sort of trapped as far as the law of ahimsa is concerned. Well, I got a small backyard or should I say a little bush. Im planning to tidy up things but in the process I would need to uproot the grasses and other small wild plants.The house is a rented one and the backyard is meant to be kept clean(no wild grasses or plants).

If I clean my backyard, that would involve killing of plants. So what to do? Can anyone plz shed some light on this issue... Thank you

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Guest guest

this problem must be solved by yourself. Life itself is the ultimate test to see whether one does the right thing or not. However, i cannot tell you what the right thing to do would be.


If you feel very adament about not plucking it, then one must stand by their conviction. But, my advise to you is to meditate. Contemplate on your problem and all the courses of action and it's results. If you still feel that you must abstain from cutting it, then do so. Hold strong to your convictions.


If, however, you feel that you can cut it, then do that. However, you must also understand that it is a fact that you would be killing the plants and at some point in this life or the next, your karma will come back around to you. Would you be able to handle that karma that comes around? Perhaps.....or perhaps not



Maybe you could just transfer the live grass into pots or something if you feel so strongly against killing it. Maybe you can even transplant them elsewhere.....

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Some other ideas to keep in mind. Everything belongs to Krishna, including your garden. Do not trim it for yourself, but trim it for Him, so He can perform his divine lila's there in a clean and beautiful environment. (Whether He chooses to perform the lilas there is His choice, don't worry if He doesn't show up :) ). Be conscious off all the living entities in the garden and apologize to them for the discomfort. Do everything as an offering to God.

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Be conscious off all the living entities in the garden and apologize to them for the discomfort. Do everything as an offering to God.


Dear jndas,

Uprooting the weeds, as an act of offering is very fine, but deep inside my mind however I know that im uprooting these plants simply because I dont want them growing in my backyard and ill be in trouble with my landlord if I dont do so.

Im not to the stage of being able to uproot or trim them and say its for Krishna. My mouth can say its for krishna but deep inside I know its just a pretext to get away from my landlord and at the same time to have a nice backyard for myself. Nevertheless i'll try to think its for Krishna.

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