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The deadly white cobra-Shweta nag

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Dear all,

There is one lesser known fact called the shweta nag.It

exists in the jungles of vindhya region in india.It is a great

devotee of Lord Shiva.And anything even remotely connected with My

compassionate lord Shiva interests me.I came across this shwetha nag

when I was studying an ancient sanskrit text called Naga

shastra.However the original nagashastra was not found by me.I was

holding a diluted version of it.So then I came to know that Shweta

Nag guards it.

Shweta Nag is very posionous and it squirts it's poison to

upto 50 feet.And anyone who even smells the posion or touches it

dies.But it does not harm devotees of Lord Shiva.(true devotees


Now Naga shastra contains many secrtive mantras including

rare kaadi and haadi vidhya mantras.Not the oe currently doing

rounds.I had also seen a shweta nag in a zoo in India.But it was not

shweta nag but an albino version of the black snake.

Shweta Nag's mere name will solve many of people's

problems they say.But I believe one should have faith in it's

piousness for something to fructify.

Shwetha nag is used by the bhel tribes and the tribes of

orrisa for harmful purposes.But harm done will eventually fid it's

way to the person who perpetrates it.It is also said that deity

Jwalamalini also likes it.

There is a mantra for shwetha nag which I know but i

refrain to give it out openly because of its much feared abuse.

And I humbly bow down to the great shwetha Nag not

because it is deadly but because it is a great devotee of shiva.

As some shiva bhakthas put it...even the dust from the

feet of shiva bhakthas will make one pure.I'm nothing before such

lofty heights.


Yours yogically,


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Hy I dont know who you are but Im interested in what you have posted n would like to know more about it plz



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