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Found 1 result

  1. omnamahshivaya friends i was wondering if someone would do a big favor and translate this poem.. i'm sure the the lord on the mount of the bull would not , not take notice :) I bow to Lord Shiva whose adoring eyes hold all the universes. I bow to Lord Shiva whose love washes over all calamities. I bow to Lord Shiva whose radiant comforting presence gives great peace of mind. I bow to Lord Shiva whose silence is in all places, powerful, distinct by very subtle and unnoticed. I bow to Lord Shiva into whose spirit is part of the Great Spirit, Undivided in truth but given division for the devotees taste. I bow to Lord Shiva who has the Moon on his tongue, the sun in his eyes, Adi Shakti in his bosom and all the Gods and Goddesses within his fingertips and navel. Oh I bow to the great Lord Shiva who gives Moksha to his great devotees. I bow to Lord Shiva who recognizes purity as small as it gets with great gladness. I bow to Lord Shiva who has rescued me many times and given strength in times of sorrow. I bow to Lord Shiva I bow to Lord Shiva I bow to Lord Shiva for to gain complete surrendering to his trident and yogic posture would be eternal bliss. I bow to Lord Shiva who grants the desires of his sweet children. I bow to Lord Shiva who is the grandfather of all the worlds known as SadaSivaya. I bow to Lord Shiva who truly has no name, no form, no taste, no sound, no knowing, and no unknowing because he is beyond all these things. I bow to Lord Shiva the MahaKavi, the Great Poet, who has incarnated many times and given light to the spectacle of his glory through transient language. I bow to Lord Shiva who with his Trilusi & Trident makes any beings in the 3 Worlds shutter with fear. I bow to Lord Shiva who does nothing but accomplishes all things. I bow to Lord Shiva for his sweet presence slithers through this prayer in devotion of him. I bow to Lord Shiva who is within all people, animals, elements, and vegetation. I bow to Lord Shiva who is seated inside the holy hill of Arunachala taking care of the world. I bow to Lord Shiva whose wisdom moves like lighting whilst peacefully flowing like a river correcting and helping anyone or anything that needs him so. I bow to Lord Shiva who above all else is the only reality, the seed of pure spirit within his holy spirit glows everywhere in all gods, sages, seers, and mystics. May I always remember Lord Shiva...
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