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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I was travelling in a train from Bangalore to Hyderabad. My fellow travellers include a group of christian pasters travelling for a meeting; a group of students; and a member of Hare Rama Hare Krishna - a Russian turned as the member. This person started some discussion with thye group of students asking them what are the Scriptures of HINDU religion?. None could tell. after some time one boy told "may be some VEDAS". The person asked again name them. No answer from any body. Then the pasters joined and told BIBLE is their scripture. Then one boy told Ramayana is our scripture. The pasters and also the Hare Krishna member negated it. None others could reply. Then the discussions stopped and everybody retired for the day. I was hearing all that from distance, as I was placed a little distant from the group. So, I thought, I would give here the names of Sanatana Dharma Scriptures for the benefit of youngsters. The list does not include 108names of upanishads along with some others. Please find attachment Gopalakrishna Sreedhara.
  2. I have come across this beautiful blog http://www.sabhlokcity.com/metaphysics/ My sincere gratitudes for Sh. PK Sabhlok for this educative endevour. From the blog you can also download the wonderful book 'Glimpses of Vedic Metaphysics' I recommend, every educated Hindu must read this book.
  3. Please open the PDF attachment... [ATTACH]3239[/ATTACH] Conspiracies on Hindu dharma.pdf
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