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  1. Duryodana is kali of kaliyuga & not Kaali true this war was the begining of the kailiyuga, but i'm faairly sure that krishna dharma meant that duryodana was actually an incarnation of kali- have you ever heard this theory before. It set up an intersting pairing as he also said that shiva gave dushashana a magic sword which gave him the ability to kill draupadis sons and all of the kshatriyas in the pandava camp. which makes us wonder- what was the point of that war since all of the kshatriyas died in the end- another interesting part of his book was when gandarhi looked at durydohana and made him invulnerable everywhere but on his thighs- was this part of the story influenced by achilles or the other way around
  2. what lessons can we draw from karna's dilema? what was the right thing for him to do- to be loyal to durydohana thus sacrificing his own life for the sake of his vows, or to admit that his hatred for the pandavas was wrong and to to turn to their side? krishna dharmas version said that durydohana was actually a manifestation of kali- so does that mean that kara was the true hero of that epic cutting the ties to his biological mother for the sake of the divine mother- is the point of the epic that its all krishnas play, or is it all shiva and kalis play? are shiva and kali one- if so is krishna also comprised of two genders?
  3. ah man, have you lost all sense of the beauty of life- the deities speak for themselves,have you ever read their words- their words are the essence of art- only the beauty of the female form can approach them, which brings me to my question. can anyone tell me if there are any other full legnth hindu novels or epics that are like the mahabharata or the ramayana? i realize that there are short tales but is there anything else that a person can read that is in the same form as these two epics- i dont want my philosophy to be dry and dead, there has to be a story and dialogue, the more boasting and bravado the better
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