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  1. Dear friends, I also would like to suggest a simple remedy to my friends here.. Please read Sai Satcharita ,, this is the life story of sri shirdi sai baba, i have had many horrible problems rectified by his grace, the method... > nothing special, just read the book and follow his teachings ( like giving food to the hungry, treating people/animals with respect, being more truthful, etc..) in your real life. Preferably the reading should be complete in 7 days. Try to leave your favourite food till you finish the reading and watch the results. By the end of seven days you can practically see him communicate with us in many ways.. I am really thankful to the sadguru sri sainath maharaj. may his grace and benevolent looks always be on us. - love - sai
  2. Hi, i would like to ask if anyone has siddhi in khadgamala stotram, can u please tell us what is the procedure to do this ? and what are the benefits of reciting khadgamala stotram, i have heard that it is too powerful and protects us in many ways.
  3. This is all drama, A person who is in contact with god will not put up such elaborate shows for money, power. Dont believe in these stunts. And unfortunately once where such religious placs were so famous, now they have become a place to fleece money from people. i went to kali ghat.... in calcutta, inside the temple the priests were creating such an atmosphere that we will have to cough up 2500 atleast. or they will black mail saying that godess wont spare you. sit in a clean place, meditate , god will talk to you, when everything including the mind is silent.
  4. anyone doing shiva deeksha in hyderabad ?
  5. its a beautiful idea, the godess is a sweet personality, unlike what some people say that she is fierce and rash, she is the mother and has her sweet way of teaching her children, please dont do blood sacrifices and all. just worship her like your mother, and she will talk to you slowly in her own way.
  6. EVEN people doing mata deeksha, ayyappa deeksha, sai deeksha are invited....
  7. saikyran


    my god..... something as rare and expensive as naga mani....
  8. For nama smarana, there is no problem,.... you can chant anywhere, even in toilet, as the other person said, only during meditation and sadhana, dhaarana, samadhi, during these states, you need to be as clean as possible and maintain a clean atmosphere..
  9. IF there are anyone in hyderabad, doing shiva deeksha, please let me know,. we can form a group and keep meeting for bhajans and satsang... NAMAH SHIVAAYA.....
  10. its so difficult to find a guru these days, all people are running behind money, good guru's are so rare and far to find and to follow, so most of ous are doing mantra jaap at home without guru. There was a website called siddashram, where they said they will do initiation, when i called them and asked, they dsaid, you need not come, if u send 500 bucks and your name and nakshatra, we will do initiation, and then you can do any mantra.... what selfish people .
  11. KOLLI MALAI..... Tamil nadu. 150 km from pollatchi.. Very sacred place, guarded by kolli paavai, People who go there should be austere, or they will face trouble.
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