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  1. BAPS does not change scriptures. I suggest you get off your laurals and read the scriptures written by Shriji Maharaj and It clearly say Akshar tai ne Purshotaam ni bhakti karvi. What does that mean? Akshar Purshotaam Upasana. Maharaj and His true Devotee. Remember one thing: The reason BAPS has flourished and risen as a true Sanstha is because Shriji Maharaj is one with his gurus. If it was the same with the other sampraday's then they would be ahead of BAPS. The only thing other sampraday's know how to do is go to people and tell them they are part of BAPS for donations. Use BAPS name ... But they have been caught out as everyone knows.
  2. You will not find one black spot on a white cloth in BAPS. Jealousy is a bad thing..BAPS does not have to be jealous of any other sampraday. I dont personally see anything in other sampraday's. What are other Sampraday's known for? Acharya's kill sadhu's....Sadhu's caught in sexual acts....Is this something to be proud of? Tell me one thing BAPS has done wrong? The only thing BAPS does is provide a right path to Akshardham. They do not believe in all this other stuff you people are going on about.... I was watching something the other day where i saw the Maninagar Guru dancing to a hindi tune....Show me proof of something BAPS does wrong and i will have proof to contradict you!
  3. The only thing Vadtal and Ahemdabad Gadi's know what to do is argue with in each other.
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