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  1. just trying to make up posts thanks A.F.
  2. hey pujarie thanks or all the mantras you passed on did clear up a bit of confusion. was real busy so was offline but will watch and see how things go well thanks for the number too.
  3. pujarie i learnt that the masters were brothers and Maa Kali their sister i heard them refer to them selves many times as their sister and brothers can you explain. my pujarie taught us that shani was dee baba just in another form and also he is the person in charge of death yamraj. this very confusing. he also said the head khal bhiro holds is a demon head. and moongazer is mooneshprem is he wrong or are you wrong.
  4. hey pujarie sorry to hear i heard also some very sad news god bless her soul.i know her and i know what she had gone through what you say is true.
  5. whose blood is she floating on and what is aviveka thanks
  6. pujarie can you finish the story on how ganga took human form and killed her sons
  7. Hey pujarie thank again for the mantra however the reason i ask is that i have asked many times in the temple and they tell me go and buy a book with them however i went to the pooja stores but did not find any and seeing that you have alot to offer i just asked. pujarie when i assist the person doing the offering i watch to see if they recite any mantra and i watch the head if he is saying but is busy sometimes sitting in mother room chatting with people i guess that is his job.So i ask them and they say that they just ask god to come and accept. i have learnt little mantras so far but i guess i want to have one for each you understand. i once asked what is the mantra to say while pooja for the blade is going one you know when the have to kill and they say they just ask khal bhiro to come. i am not brave like you to mention names but the avatar pic is like the one in my temple. and the order of how i asked for the mantras is the order we worship.i know that there is mantras for everthing done in the temple but it is either they dont want to tell me or they themselves dont know and take things for granted. by the way i know that you might not answer me but who are you and where are you from? do you have your own temple or do you go somewhere i might be able to see you and talk. i once went to a temple in Golconda looking for a young but old pujarie who is about your age if you are him i have been trying to get your number for the longest while but the persons there said that you lost that phone and they dont have that number. please even if it is not you do you know of him and where is he now. i dont want to say where i am going because i fraid other members may insult me but i see you have a way with words and you know what you are talking about i know it is not lies i went through this same thing with my wife and she made friends with the other pujaries and the head did nothing about it.
  8. hey pujarie was reading you post and you seem to know alot do you go to a temple if so could you tell me where i am presently looking for one not to be fooled anymore i do devotion at home but it is sometimes not as exciting as the drumming and clapping and singing. talking about singing do you know any tamil songs that you could share i ask my pujarie one time and he told me for me to learn i have to come and stand and listen and eventually learn to sing but they beat the drum so loud that i do not hear. some other pujaries i have asked have given me but other people say it is wrong tamil. thanks.
  9. thanks one million pujarie was wondering what other mantras you have how bout one for prithvi mata, kanyakumari,surya, agni , ram, vishnu, krishna, ganesh, shiva, murgan, santoshi, lakshmi, kali, swarsati, durga, ganga, kateri, munish prem and sanganee. you can pm me if you like. in case you are wondering why i ask i ask someone and they told me to go buy a mantra boo but i did not find one our style so as you are in kali pooja too i thought about asking you.
  10. hi pujarie, innocent and bhiro child i am also a trini been reading you posts in the silent mode quite interesting stuff put out by pujarie looks like you had it hard but you seem strong. What is the difference between jayanti and asthami? what is a mantra that i could use for bhiro baba i love him so much i presently use Om Shri Kal Bhiro Baba Aye namah. Saffron is beautiful
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