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  1. I too have wondered abut this question for many years and have experiemented with different traditions. I have found celibacy in combination with Sadhana is the most affective practice. Adam.
  2. Yes, I've found SIR SWAMI SHIVANANDA KUNDALINI YOGA to be a very useful book! Adam.
  3. This sounds like great advice from Jai Gurudev!
  4. I have consistent experienced profound heat up the spine and blissfull consciousness during meditation - an intriguing experience. Adam.
  5. Yes, I am most interested to learn of a complete science of pranayama - someone recommend a source? Adam.
  6. Vintner and others, I am also very interested in learning Sw. Rama's description of Laya Yoga. that he outlines as a kind of Nada Anusadhana more akin to Shabda procedures with their Anahata sounds than to Laya Yoga in either its vaidika or tantrika form, which both require vivid visualization and highly developed mastery of pranayama. And also vaidika and tantrika forms of laya yoga, where might I learn these?
  7. Vintner, I have been attempting to learn the Bengali Laya Yoga kriyas taught by Sw. Gitananda and imparted to him by Sw. Kanakananda Brighu for a very long time. However, I cannot find anywhere or anyone from whom I can do so; do you have any advice on this? Perhaps you would detail them yourself, or point out how they differ from the kundalini kriyas described by Pieter? Adam.
  8. This post is profoundly interesting! Where can I learn more about kundalini yoga? Adam.
  9. Hi all, I am new here. I am very interested in Yoga, meditation and enlightenment. Adam.
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