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  1. Guest... please conduct ur research into Vedic Culture properly. Your absurd claim that the Vedas were written by the Brahmins is absoloutely incorrect. The Vedas were directly emnated by the Lord.. and out of Srila Vysadeva's mercy he compiled the Vedas into written form for our benefit.
  2. Those who consider any deva to be Greater than Lord Krsna, are materially polluted. Krsna clearly identifies his status as the Absolute Truth in the Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam provides much information to acknowledge this view. Accept the words of the acharays and there will be no more conflict. i have been a devotee of Lord SIva for 16 years but Siva showd me the way and took me to Krsna. No offense meant to any other devotee. Hari Bol
  3. Hi everyone, im very sorry to interrupt.. Just wanted 2 introduce myself.. my name is ANuj ghai.. and just want 2 say... Hare Krsna to all my fellow Godbrothers and Godsisters in these forums. Hari Bol!
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