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  1. "Come, O my brothers, come! Listen to this Mantra that will open floodgates of liberation for you." PLEASE PLEASE ADVISE WHAT WAS THAT MANTRAYOURSjaswant
  2. HARE KRISHNA !! Sorry to but in , but, one of yous could clarify this for me-- WHO IS KARAN ? WHAO WAS KARAN IN HIS PREVIOUS LIFE ? I have read a few abriged versions of the MAHABHRAT and know about him being son of kunti and suriya's son-elder brother of the pandavas-adopted by radha..ect Kulapavana-- I just got the MAHABHARAT by GANGULI-- AND as u said its HUGE ! have NOT STARTED READING IT YET ! -- WILL START ON 1/01/2008-- A few years ago i was blessed to be at gangotri-gaumuch-the source of the GANGA- mother of BHISMA !- and i met a sashu- and we were discussing the MAHABHRAT-- My hindi is useless and the sadhus english was not too good either-- so it was a bit difficult to understand one another--but what i gathered is something like this-- that KARAN died in KRISHNAS arms !!--KRISHNA was the first to call him KAUNTIYA !-- and it was KRISHNA WHO PERFORMED HIS LAST RITES !! from that i would say that KARAN must have been a great devotee of the lord !!!! The other thing was his previous life-- which i did not understand-- KRISHNA + ARJUN is NAR-NARAYAN--NAR-NARAYAN was fighting with a 1000 armours -"kavatch"-- and the last one escaped into the sun-- and now KRISHNA + ARJUN destroys the last "kavach" armour-- ????? YOURS jaswant
  3. HARE KRISHNA ! PLSE SEND ME THE MAHABHARAT TEST-- sonij (at) smollan.co.za Thanks j
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