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  1. Well I am a logical person and can reason with what extent a punishment should be carried. Theist: "The law may state clearly that a man who kills some man who raped and murdered his child must go to jail for taking the law into his own hands but if was on the jury I would never vote to convict him of manslaughter." If this was the case, then you are in a way saying that everyone should take the law into there own hands and deal with the problems there own way, which in turn will leave the world in MADNESS. This world is organised for the people designated for their decisions to make hopefully the right ones (we know that his doesnt always happen). But a man who has kill another man, should be charged with murder, reguardless of the reason (unless it was self defence). anyway... I really appriciate the posts and will do as much reading on the information provided. Thanks again Bhups
  2. Hi, I will be doing Jury service as part of Civial Service for the UK and am wandering if there is a scripture on the veda or something on ways of decision making or something on this... any information on this will be VERY appreciated. thanks in advance.
  3. well thats good answer isn't it. Well done, a big pat on your back for stating the obvious!
  4. "where vegetation is scarce have no option to live but on animals" this is what separates us from humans and animals, this is where we decide if the population is getting too big for the place, slow it down. We are called humans as we have the ability to use our brain to decide what is best for everyone. Where in somlia where the diease is great and food is short, they what to make more babies... VERY stupid!
  5. In order to answer this, you need to read the book The Ayurveda Encyclopedia - Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention & Longevity. This will explain type of body build ups and the effects of certain foods on the body and mind. technically we cant eat ANY MEAT, canned foods, garlic, onions, mushrooms, white flour, pasteurised dairy, white sugar etc as they are classed in the rajasic/tamasic category and affect the mind to do spritual activities. eating foods that are sattwic are excellent for spritualaity and very good for yoga. If we want spritual bliss, we need to change our habbits of eating. enjoy
  6. Oh no celina12 the other side has got the vachnamurt up before the baps!! Quick send them another email! Well i guess they are busy building more monuments instead of busy preaching the true words of the Lord. What do they say in your books about the Guru param-para of Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj and Raghuveerji Maharaj ? Your probably like Who? read this - swaminarayan.info/Acharyas/
  7. opps, post timed out and i thought i had to rewrite it :S
  8. Ok, bare with me on this as I havent read many shastras in my time... I want to know, When time began and Bhrama created this earth, where was it written that Krishna was the ultimate supreme? Again, who was Vishnu at the time? not the supreme? if the same, why different names for the same being? Why followers of Buddha belive Buddha as supreme? What proof do you have that the superbeings you are reffering to are the superbeings before they came down and not ordinary persons who had books written for them after they came? I require answer for these please.
  9. KCP, What Vedic Shasta's have you read and actually studied?
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