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    Most people very definitely love themselves - to one degree or another. It is the most basic principle of our ego and egoism. I am not sure there is a connection between loving God and loving ourselves.


    I might rather say that it is difficult to love God if we never really loved someone else besides ourselves.


    Personally, I find that the more difficult it is to enjoy my existence, the more my tendency to blame God for it remains.

  2. Over time, with practices, your impulses will be transmformed as long as you don't try to fight against them directly. "What you resist, persists" is a famous quote. Most of the time you aren't being asked to give up something that is actually good; it only seems like a good idea at the time. The way to end them is to get to the point where you get a greater satisfaction elsewhere. Even then, you still aren't directly fighting against an old pattern; it just stops making sense.

  3. It has only been a few hours and already I am very much impressed by how many answers I have been given. :) It gives me a good idea of where to begin, to be able to participate more fully here.


    IMO, Christianity has got to be one of the weirdest religions I have ever learned anything about. My parents tried to raise me Catholic, but it didn't take. When first I read about Buddhism in general and the 4 Noble Truths in particular, it felt like I had finally come home. Full enlightenment has been my goal ever since then. The thing is, though, that I began to suspect that it was necessary to look outside of Buddhism to accomplish this. Sure, Buddha is great, but you should see some of the people who call themselves Buddhist.

  4. Hi. I am new to studying Hinduism, even after having picked up a few yoga books and books on meditation over the years. Most of the Sanskrit terms seemed to go over my head, because I wasn't really sure where to begin. This forum seems like a nice place to come to learn more, but a lot of the discussions seem to be very technical to me and it is hard to know where to begin. Could you please help me to sort out what I need to know as a minimum to be able to fully appreciate what I am reading?

  5. It is possible that I've got it completely wrong, but I thought that one of the nice things about Hinduism was that everyone was free to choose Shiva, Vishnu, or anyone else who happens to be their favorite. I seem to recall that somewhere in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that if you are sincere in your devotion you belong to Him no matter who you choose.

  6. The person with the biggest aura wins. :)


    I would hope that you plan to use this mantra so that you only bring about the kind of situation where everyone benefits.


    (There were two sites where I got some information on this mantra, or type of mantra. It looks like you can even just buy what you want from the second one.)





    2.VASHI KARAN : Through these mantras one can put under one's control any woman, man, officer, minister, devta, soul, animal, etc. and can fulfill your wishes.

    "Om namo sarvlok vashikaraye kuru kuru swaha".





    Vashikaran is a Sanskrit word, which is a combination of two words - Vashi + Karan. "Vashi" means "to attract, entice and allure others”, to influence them, win them over and magnetize them. "Karan" means “the methods of doing" this. Vashikaran, hence, is use of Occult science in which Mystical energies and Tantrik powers are used to control and regulate other people's minds, thoughts and actions.

  7. Waterfalls are great. I read that they generate negative ions in the air around them, and that negative ions are useful for supporting positive emotions like peace and strength. Those salt lamps are supposed to generate negative ions for indoor use. I have one that holds tea light candles to heat the salt, but it is hard to really feel much of anything. A waterfall seems to be much more powerful for generating positive moods.

  8. Several years ago I was waiting for my connecting flight at an airport when I was approached by a guy who was selling for Krishna. Due to some bad planning on my part I didn't have a single cent in my pockets. You should have seen how quickly he ran away when I told him I'd be happy to talk with him about Krishna anyway. He was disgusted by my poor judgment, but it only seemed as bad as it did because my connecting flight had been delayed several hours. He could have let me borrow something to read and I would have given it back in good condition. Oh, well.


    It would probably be easier to approach people about Krishna consciousness if it were something you could quickly and easily demonstrate to the average person. Then it wouldn't matter how caught up they were in the story of their lives or how anxious they were to get where they are going.

  9. The trouble with Yoga is that it works, and especially that it works without having to give prescription medications to the children. No one wants to teach children how to help themselves; that's what's really against everyone's religion. Imagine what would happen next if we let the children do yoga and meditate ... they might even expect their parents to make an effort for themselves.

  10. I'd think that a nice picture of Kali would be useful, placed where you sleep so that She is the first person you see when you wake up every day and the last person you see before you go to sleep. Another picture at the kitchen sink, the refrigerator, and any other place like that where you know you will be regularly would be helpful. For places at work a Kali Yantra might be a good choice. You can say it is just some geometric pattern you liked and printed out. :)


    33:20 - When Jayadev Goswami, author of Gita Govinda, came to the part where he says (in effect) "Guru is greater than God", he paused and wondered if he was not getting carried away by what was appearing in his heart.


    34:12 - "Devotees must learn to live with the uncertainty principle. There is no certainty in Krishna Consciousness." So we must take shelter of the Vaishnava.


    Just guessing here. Although God is everywhere we do not experience God directly without the help of Guru, so rather than trying to find God we should go to Guru instead?

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