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    With all due respect to all of Krsna's jivas who have made the biggest blunder to come here in this material world rather than enter into the spiritual world with Sri Radha and Krsna, ...:crazy2:

    why does it seem like I'm surrounded by lunatics from the mad house?:crazy::confused:


    I want to be a gentleman but experience tells me that I place myself:eek: in very dangerous position every time i try to..?:pray::confused:


    Have you ever lived in an actual madhouse or is this just a metaphor which seemed like it might fit?

  2. It seems like you are surrounded by mental patients because yes, you are living in a giant funny farm. The only difference between the staff and the patients, as we like to joke, is that the staff have keys to the doors. One of the goals of your spiritual progress is to find a state which has been described in the books I have read as a "basic sanity" which we all have at our core.

  3. To be fair, the woman was wearing very expensive clothing which would have been ruined by making the trip across the stream. In contrast, the monks' robes were made of material which could take a bit of abuse. It wasn't just that she was a woman and therefore was emotional and needed to be helped by a man. In her defense.



    A similar anecdote regarding the mind. It was written sometime ago on this forum. It goes something like this....


    Two Budhist Monks, a new initiated junior monk and a more senior Monk, were walking back to their monastary. As they were walking they came across a woman who was in distress. She wanted to cross a stream to get to the other side.


    The two monks saw the woman and the junior monk thought to himself "We are celibate monks it is not possible to help this woman because we are practicing celibacy so we cannot approach her let alone carry her across the stream!!!!:confused:


    The Senior Monk without any hesitation carried the woman across the stream. Then the Junior Monk just looked at the senior Monk and said nothing :eek3: and the two carried on with their journey back to the Monastry.


    After about 2 - 3hours of walk they arrived at the monastary. The Junior Monk could not keep it in any more and turned around to the senior monk and said: :mad2:


    "Why did you carry that woman did you forget we are practicing celibate Monks??? We may not speak to any woman let alone what you did by physically touching her!!!!:eek:


    The Senior Monk looked at the Junior Monk and after contemplating for a few minutes he told the Junior Monk...:idea:


    "How long did it take me to carry this woman across the stream??? Maybe 5-10 minutes at most. But You have carried her for 2 - 3hours on our journey back to our Monastary!!!!!" (You Rascal You!!!):smash:


    Hare Krsna/Krishna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    Thank you. So it means we are becoming some kind of robots ? We are loosing all our friends and all ?


    To inedible : What do you mean. Do you mean that it is wrong to seek Krishna consciousness ?


    What I mean is that if you are a Christian you can stay Christian and still have a valid goal. Christ and Krishna are not enemies. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that if you worship with sincere devotion you belong to Him even if you think your devotion is to someone else - such as Christ. Maybe like Buddha and Krishna, Christ could also be an incarnation of Vishnu?

  5. Narcissus was known for his good looks and for the fact that he didn't pay any attention to the local nymphs. He was cursed so that he would fall in love with the next person he saw, and then he had the misfortune to see his own reflection and to fall deeply in love. He then spent as much time as he could gazing at his reflection in the pond until he fell into the water and drowned. In grief, the pond turned from fresh water to salt water like tears. When Narcissus had been looking at his reflection in the pond, the pond was looking at her reflection in Narcissus's eyes. Deepak Chopra talked about this story in one of his books on CD that I borrowed from the local library. I don't think he actually had a reason for talking about the story.


    Whether you want to give such substances is your choice.

    We do not take these things because as they are in the mode of passion and ignorance they are not offerable to Krishna. So if you want to eat/drink them that is your personal choice but then you would not be able to be a prasadetarian.


    Some day I might stop drinking coffee because I don't want it anymore. If I saw some reason why coffee might be liquid ignorance, that day would come sooner. It isn't like Krishna is going to come to me in person to say that coffee is bad, and I just plain don't feel like taking His followers at their word that they know what Krishna did say and to whom.


    Inedible, I see what you mean, but it still doesn't make sense - at least to me, personally. People can obviously enjoy more than one thing in life. Why give up things that are not harmful, that are positive, just because you find something else to be positive?


    I don't see how any amount of chanting and spiritual advancement would make me want to stop loving and being involved in my family and friends, for example. In fact, it's the opposite - it's selfish and life-denying.


    As I sit here reading this thread, I am drinking a pot of strong coffee. I can't see where you thought I meant you should cut anything or anyone out of your life. Isn't there anything in your past that you used to really enjoy which you no longer even think about? And how did that happen?

  8. Gautama Buddha was an incarnation of Vishnu. :)


    I've also heard nothing but good things about vipassana. The trouble is, though, that it takes a certain amount of concentration in order to keep the things you gain through vipassana. I'd suggest that the ability to maintain your focus on the object of your meditation for ten minutes would be sufficient as a prerequisite.

  9. Our galaxy is on a collision course with Andromeda. The two galaxies will meet a few billion years after our planet has been eaten up in the process of our sun's becoming a red giant. The galaxies will mostly pass through each other with relatively few actual collisions, but the gravity of both galaxies will them pull each other back together for a second collision and they will become a single galaxy. More collisions between stars will happen at this point.

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