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  1. what about viharilalji mahraj, no achary gave him diksha, it was aksharbrahm gunatitanand swami who gave him diksha now willl u follow that acharya or not answer my only one question
  2. in sikshapatri it is not written that saadhus had to take dikshas from acharyas in niyams of saadhus, in acharyas niyam it is written that those who come to him then he should give dikshaas, in gruhast niyam also it is not written that people had to take dikshaas only from achaaryas any where in any scriptures it is not written "only word" if u know plz tell me
  3. halo once i had been in satsang sabha of one of the swaminarayan gadi sampradaay, i will not state the name , and the acharya in the sabha told, their saadhus told to their devotees that u go to mosque, u go to church, but u dont go to swaminarayan temples built by baps. on other side, our respected president dr.a.p.j.abdul kalam whenever anybody meets him he says him to visit delhi akshardhaam see, hindus and that to of swaminarayan sampradaay are villans, and one muslim who believes in god, says to visit akshardhaam now u decide who believes in god abdul kalam k acharyas
  4. halo once in a compound of one house a small child was playing, at that time one dog came , so seeing that dog his mother told him to come inside of the house, after a little while child's elder sister told his mother that some sadhu had came to our compound, immediately mother ran and took the boy inside , sister asked why u took brother inside immediately, mother replied, beta they are the sadhus which had taken dikshas from acharyas of swaminarayan sampraday. so they do kukarm with the small child, we should not trust them. if they r of baps sadhus, then its ok. this is the image of the saadhus worldwide , and the same saadhus had taken dikshas from acharyas. what is the use of such saadhus which spoils name of lord swaminarayan world wide. and see pujya pramukh swami, he is establishing good image of lord swaminaryan sampraday, even he has not taken dikshaas from acharya. and another point which acharyas u r talking, jo khud bhugarbh me chip jaate hai, ajendraprasad, lakshmiprasad, etc from them they had to take dikshaas. it is shame to those sadhus, who had taken diksaas from ajendraprasad, kya unka kalyaan hoga, khud ajendraprasad ko police dhund rahi hai jo acharya apne saadhus ko sambhal nahi sakte, aur kitne saadhu hai gine chune to bhi, to kya karne ka, dekho hamare pramukh swamiji ko there r 785 saadhus, under him, no spot on anyone. u should first understand, look into ur sampraday, then chat
  5. halo daas na daas i m not fighting. but according to vach gadhada pratham 68, read "bhagwan ae to shri mukhe em kahyu che je, maari asth prakar ni je pratima tatha je sant tene vishey hu akhand niwaas kariney rahyo chu" ok and why r u after scriptures only, kya karey khud bhagwan swaminarayan ke time me ye log nahi samaj sake to ab kaise samjenge. ye log ne to khud bhagwan ka virodh kiya tha , first know the history , that when lord swaminarayan wants his murti to be in madhya khand , all the amdavadis and gadhada people opposed it. so there was a strong opposition. ye thode aap ke sant aapko aisa bolenge k hamne oppose kiya tha. but some people of vadtal sampraday felt the thing true , so lord swaminarayan after opposition had his own murti in the khand beside the madhya khand. and that too after opposition. as a harikrishna maharaj. and maharaj too had told that in vachanamrit "mane bija awtaar jevo jaansho to droh karyo kahevashey". "aa tej ne vishey j murti che tej aa pratyaksh maharaj che." in bhagwan krishnas temple is his murti in other khand then madhya khand, all the temples of hindu religion had the main murti in the madhya khand whom they worship, but it is very shameful that due to some people who were agnyani, maharaj had to place murti of other gods, as he wants his murti in madhya khand. but when after understanding the maharaj we should place maharaj in madhya khand. but now also i cant understand why now also vadtal and amdavad sanstha is hesitating in placing murti of lord swaminarayan in madhyakhand, when all the world now know who lord swaminarayn is.
  6. halo jai swaminarayan i believe and respect all the acharyas and saints and saadhus of all the sampradayas and dharm, not only baps but of ur narnarayan gadi, vadtal whenever i go to vadtal or bhuj or gadhada, i bow to each and every saint and saadhus and acharya too. hum koi bhed bhaav nahi rakhte according to vachanmrit, mhrj said that asht prakar ni murti ma bhagwan rahya che, that means all over the world where ever the murtis are there there is god inside. god is not in the murti but the murti is patther only but the devotee sees the god inside the murti. the person who doesnt believe in god to him its the stone only and the person who believes in god looks god in every thing, according to maharaj and in loya vachanamrit, bhagwan said that every thing related to god is divine, "murti , saint, acharya, saadhus, and haribhakt too". so if any one is true haribhakt, he should always look mahraj in every murti saint saadhu and haribhakt, forget what any body teaches anything. i personally visited and talked to every sadhus of each sampraday in swaminarayan sanstha, but what i found that except baps sadhus every sansthas other than baps sadhus spoke ninda only and all that sadhus i cant understand that why they are doing nindas of other sadhus of baps, let them do whatever they do, but as a sadhu they had a goal of akshardhaam so be after it, do they think that by doing ninda of sadhus of baps , shreeji maharaj will be raaji or prasanna. jai swaminarayan.
  7. jai swaminarayan to daas na daas once i have read in ur quote that u were telling about "only dharmkul ne ashrit" so, i would like to inform u for ur kind knowledge, dont feel bad, if felt then dandwat pranam , 'dharmkul ne ashrit' that word was only written in vachanamrit gadhada pratham 1, and too it was written on magshar sud 4, sawant1876. now according to shriharicharitamrutsagar , pur-24, tarang-39-55, in that there is description that rampratap and icharam arivied in sawant 1877. means after 1 year of dharmakul ne ashrit discussion. that indicates and teaches that dharmkul means those who follow dharm means at that time shreeji maharaj wanted to tell that those who follow dharm. ok.
  8. halo daas ka daas today baps name and fame is spreading all over the world u r not speaking but ur jealousy is speaking so lord swaminarayan had told that swabhav dur karva hoi to atishay sant samaagam karvo padshey beta. in gujarati we have one line haathi chaalto hoi ne to kutra bhasya karey pan tene karine haathi teni chaal badley nahi means when elephant walks , dogs do barks besides him, but elephant doesn't change his path.ok so plz first u remove ur swabhav of jealousy beta and then do blame on any saint. for ur kind information, atyar sudhi badhaj prakar na gunaah, chori, lutfat, murder, rape had come forward of sadhus who are under achaarya. ok. khudh ki thaali mei ched hai woh pehle thikh kar baad mei chat karna. pure india mei tumare sadhu ki blue films bahar bikti hai beta. hamare baps ki nahi. huuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  9. halo devotees of lord swaminarayan listen carefully. that our one and only aim is to acheive akshardhaam. so why to fight for sampradaay, lord swaminarayn is same . he told in vachanamrit, that he who has dharm,,bhakti,,vairagya,,and mahatmya sahit bhagwan na swarup no nishchay. this 4 things , god will reside in him. so why to fight between amdavad,vadtal ,baps and others we should only worship lord swaminarayan if we want to go to gadhada, then let one go from amdavad, and let other from junagadh we should reach gadhada. so never fight for sampraday, only fight for our swabhaav. and with our mann. then only swaminarayan would come within us. ok,
  10. jai swaminarayan. halo, pramukh swmi maharj never says i have to sit on golden thrown, but it is the bhakti of the devotees that they give the thrown. if ur guru comes to visit ur house then i would like to know that u will give a respectful sit or would u say that u sit on the ground and i will sit on the chair and que about the world i would like to inform that once one haribhagt said that lot of satsang had happen, but gunatitanand swami replied that lot of satsang would be said when swaminaryan name will be on evry leaves of the trees around tha world so the agnya of the guru they folow. and also pramukhswami never goes for roaming like u they go to temple and do satsang only never they do other activities ok their mision is to spread ekantik dharm all over the world i have visited bhuj, not even a single haribhagat had bowed down to other haribhagat and said jai swaminarayan. come and visit our baps mandir every haribhakt bows each other that what lord swaminarayn bhagwn want that every haribhakt is divine. jai swaminaryan.
  11. have u ever seen the work of pujya pramukh swamiji . if not first of all watch and understand what saint is? and if u had understand vachanamrit then u should not have quote this sentence.becous sant no droh e bhagwan no droh che. if u dont beleive donot make droh.
  12. hey u , lord swaminarayan had said not to insult any god then why ur are insulting baps. did u know that pramukh swami had only spread the name of the lord swaminarayan world wide. other wise till date we might have been worshiping only narnarayan, laxminarayan, and what swaminarayan want to tell us will be there only and lord swaminarayan had to come on earth again to fulfill his message.
  13. hey. is ur marriage is fixed before ur birth? before knowing whether ur male or female. like wise the supreme lord narayan himself had not came to earth, how can any one know about him. before lord swaminarayan , only awtaars had born. but he is awtaari. in gita also krishna said to arjuna , that i, we, and all goes to the sharana to the purshotttam. and that's purshottam is lord swaminarayan. so swaminarayan is not a new god, but the vaishnavs whom they call krishna(awtaar) is the ansh of purshottam swaminarayan. so donot waste time in reading scriptures. bcos if today god comes to u and says i am god, will u waste time in finding scriptures whether it is written in it that god will come to me.
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