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  1. I am not able to speak English, but if the house burns, people can understand. Shrila Prabhupada speaks
  2. If a man makes bows to Narayana Swami, but neglects manuals of Srila Prabhupada, it is useless. I hope, a little clearly
  3. If a devotee assorts the preaching of another devotional, and he is not beyond the standard dialogue in it there is no insult. If someone deforms the philosophy, that correct it very well, this blessing for all. Devoties differ also on their level. In many cases, treating with to respect to the neophyte, the man overlooks to treat with respect to instructions of pure devotie - Shrila Prabhupada. Actually to avoid insults is again in relation to following for SP. In the beginning the man is filled with insults anyhow but if he chantihg, the God will help him to neutralize. All neophytes offend almost continuously this or that but if the man follows further the God will help. Basically difficulties in practice devotional are connected by that they do not follow a scripture, do not follow Shrila Prabhupada. They weaken because do not follow a scripture. If the man does not follow for SP, I doubt, that if he becomes stronger, treating with to respect Narayana Swami or to somebody else. I saw it many times, it is useless.
  4. It is not necessary to leave, it speaks SP and Krishna speaks. If somebody knows the prime goal, he should remain in Iskcon and preach. It is a way "For one who explains this supreme secret to the devotees, pure devotional service is guaranteed, and at the end he will come back to Me". Bg 18.68
  5. Flight from Iskcon is rajo guna, it is impossible to become perfect this way.
  6. ок then you stay there and set fire to others. Srila Prabhupada writes, what Iskcon it is identical to Krishna, what for to leave from Krishna in other place? If we study to see Krishna everywhere, why not in Iscon also? Ок if we have learned to see Krishna outside of Iskcon, can it is time learn to see Krishna in Iskcon also? Krishna everywhere
  7. Anyhow we came to a conclusion, that Iskcon it first of all ideology, principles which were put by Shrila Prabhupada. If we adhere to instructions of books of SP, we can count myself part of Iskcon why is not? And if the administration does not correspond to instructions of Krishna, we can tell them, where a discrepancy. Krishna speaks to address to the one who represents Him instead of whom that of another.
  8. From kailasa too The offer to ritviks - Ritviks cooperats with Iskcon, or form the ritvik GBC - Allow ritvik dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name those who observe 4 principles can, chant 16 rounds and will preach on the basis of Shrila Prabhupada's books - Agree what to allow ritvik-dedication, anyone cannot and everyone, a man come in a temple for example, both repeating one circle and following one principle, unless can give ritvik dedication by another? Ritvik dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name the one who follows Shrila Prabhupada should give, namely, to His requirements 4+16+His books. - The one who follows rules the established Shrila Prabhupada can refer to "ritvik acaria", basically, in that case, it сorresponds to first verse Upadesamrita of Rupa Gosvami, it сorresponds Shrila Prabhupada's to instructions in the attitude a diksa guru as it сorresponds to system Ramanujacarya, the same system use in an establishment of our two new Russian gurus, therefore the man following principles, can give dedication from Shrila Prabhupada's name, as in this case, he is representative Shrily Prabhupada. - Ritvik GBC is obliged to watch the status of ritvik acaryas and those who do not follow Shrily Prabhupada's instructions, it is necessary to discharge of an opportunity to carry out dedication in pupils Shrila Prabhupada - Ritvik acarya should aspires to personify in an ideal Shrila Prabhupada's training and to allow a personal example of following to Shrila Prabhupada
  9. I am sorry, kailasa has addressed to me that I have put his substantiation as he now cannot write Unity Motives of such offer - All the same these or those will leave from Iskcon, thus they can leave an opportunity of cooperation - Outside of Iskcon exists already much aboutIskcon currents, it will enable them to cooperate with Iskcon in frameworks necessary for both parties - Some harizmatic leaders who are badly getting on in structure can show the individuality in more safe image, such system enables as much of them gradually to return or be in Srila Prabhupada's family - For today Iskcon separates all who is not entered, it is not flexible and it is somewhat unreasonable - All the same Iskcon cooperates with large lost temples such as Bangalore, it is just necessary to legalize such system and to clear up it - Outside of Iskcon now it is a lot of currents, as a matter of fact they follow for SP, repeat a mantra itc vivid example Atmatattva Prabhu so Iskcon as a matter of fact loses many, criticize, somewhat where that deservedly as it is possible made for more flexibility in cooperation. Thus, everyone who will preach on the basis of Shrila Prabhupada's books, IMO should be in Iskcon if we cannot cooperate even with those who repeats a sacred name and will preach what to speak about other material world? Ardently preaching materialists, nevertheless, we cannot cooperate and communicate with those who follows Shrila Prabhupada (Iskcon).
  10. Anyhow, SP encouraged to join to iskon, and did not encourage to leave iskcon. It is clear. If the man in other tradition, he can practise also. But if he has come to iskcon, he should try to remain. What can be the reason for leaving? And if he has left, he can try to return. It is possible to be not consent with someone of persons of iskcon, but iscon is big, it is possible to find other people in it. And iskcon it is identical to Krishna, SP speaks so, I read it.
  11. All in creation of the God is organized, the spiritual world is organized also
  12. Yes, anyone who follows, is valid to dismiss that who does not follow, irrespective of his formal position. Probably, it will take place not at once, but who follows, he will influence. One person who follows - is stronger than hundreds and thousand which do not follow. The history shows it. For example SP was one but as he followed, he influenced the whole world, and GM did not influence something
  13. Yes, from the outside it is impossible to affect a situation. For example, ritviks did attempts, but they were unlucky
  14. About, I also. I only speak about a case if someone is dissatisfied with some things in iskcon, even in this case there is no need to leave. Actually for a spiritual life any organization with an authoritative scripture approaches, there is no sense to leave whence. And it is especial iskcon approaches for a spiritual life We can correct ourselves in a society practising devoties. If we think, that all over again we correct ourselves and then we shall come in a society of devoties, most likely it is instrutions of maya.
  15. It is necessary to try to correct iskcon, being inside iskcon. The command of adherents inside iskcon can influence administration
  16. If the man remains in iskcon, the good level will come. Yes, to remain in iskcon means to remain in instructions SP And one of them - to cooperate with others devotioties even if they are not so good. If devotee does not cooperate in distribution of Krishna consciousness - practically he cannot leave from a level of a neophyte. Because the attribute of kanishtna - he does not cooperate with others "Only Me and my guru".
  17. Oh yes, at Shrila Prabhupada there were many deviations, but he did not think: "What awful society, I should leave from here". He remained and corrected the most different situations. Even vaisnava such level remains, and as SP acarya, he has set an example for following Flight from iskcon because of difficulties - the version of the sensual life, more perfect position - to remain and make correction of that does not correspond to Krishna consciousness. This real renunciation
  18. Ок, but the first principle to not leave, differently as the man becomes mature? I do not think, that teaching of imitation a highest level can be the way, in the beginning the first class should be, university then
  19. Srila Prabhupada has told to remain in iskcon, to not leave and to not create fractions. Even if in iskcon not all is good, necessary to remain to try to improve a situation, not necessary to leave. Similarly to this Arjuna wanted to leave the battle-field, but Krishna has told to him to remain here and to battle. This best renunciation and the best position, nobody should think that he more cleverly SP
  20. Yes it is a lot of conversations about persons because on the fact about philosophy there is nothing to tell especially
  21. I think, there have been a little told, because there there is nothing to speak especially Especially we have words of SP
  22. And bhajan cannot be sweet, a sweet bhajan it is a deceit. Listen bhajans of Shrila Prabhupada, there there is no sweet, bhajana means that devotee completely absorbed by the Lord and he in despair, thinking that cannot come nearer to Krishna as sings Narotama das Thakur "I did not serve to the God the whole life"
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