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  1. Nostradamus mabus look it up. Frist spelled like Christ but with the 6th letter of the alphabet. Rose up out of the sea (bible scholars say politician) to power on the 6th. There were 6 people in the fatal accident he "happened by" There's more Merican mark is an M on right hand and forehead. Eminem. There's more.
  2. I can't help but feel my post got us off on a tangent. We all have differences, some major but must still take each and every person as they come and not make any generalizations or have expectations. Of course there are our senses to guide us in our dealing with others but there is much trouble reacting before any of the facts are in except race. And to be so careful is no easy trick somehow especially these days when murderers go free and political careers are ruined at the slightest notion or hint of bigotry and bias. It is almost to the point where the most serious protestors seem to want to just come out fighting. But what is disturbing to me is one that feels I automatically owe something for being who I am or one that pegs me as having a certain opinon or idealology without even having a clue
  3. Let him who has wisdom understand. I believe it is a man that think's he's god when the truth is that from god he is upside down sideways and backward.
  4. Joy perhaps you would look into my article 666 about your "dream" as I find it totally relevant.
  5. I have had the same dream and I think you are being treated and told that there is no need of thanks.
  6. If it isn't god turned upside down sideways and backwards, a g being a 6 upside down, an o being a 6 sideways and a d being a 6 backward, perhaps the Fristian scientists will one day ponder this Http://www.observer.com/pages/frontpage3.asp The guy looks enough like Lucifer to me. Nostradamus predicted 3 world wars, named the 3 antichrists Napolun (Napoleon) Hister (Hitler) and Mabus (Saddam or Hamas Ma jority leader B U.S.) The beast shall rise up out of the sea (Bible scholars agree it is a politician) Take power from the dragon (this war is a Frist idea) Heal a mortal headwound (that of the republican party via Trent Lott. He officially took his seat on the 6th, there were 6 accident victims he "performed great wonders with" Who is like unto the beast? The first letter if his name is F the 6th letter of the alphabet. CHRIST_FRIST A murderer is on the loose because a detective was called a bigot too. O.J. Simpson
  7. I'd recommend The Champ with Jon Voight and Walking Tall with Jo Don Baker. It is a far better version of reality than those you mentioned.
  8. Your trouble hinges on your cruelty to animals. They were put here for our pleasure. You should not now feel inferior but find solice in knowing you cannot have offended them. In 1999 many said the world would soon end. I told them then that it would be around the year 2002 that the trouble starts after the letdown of the religious in finding no miracle of 2000. Our sticking our noses in places it did not belong would be the cause. Here's a song I wrote in 1970 National Aeronautics, Space Administration I'm hoping you can get me to another destination The earth is filled with pain and apathy and misery Well thank you but I've seen all that I care to see There's people starvin' people hatin' people killin' eachother Take me to a new world Let me see another National Aeronautics Space Administration I'm guessing you can make for me another reservation A place where people share and people care and people are free Now that's the kind of place that I'm just dyin' to see A place where people love and people live in harmony Write me up a ticket, send it to me National Aeronautics, Space Administration I'm counting on you please Provide my transportation
  9. We are animals. We have satellites sending and recieving pictures and signals of all types and are making advances in the sciences of even cloning. A digital watch before 1960 would have been worth a million dollars and now they can't give them away and have watches that are telephones sending pictures with a cellular signal. There has to be divine intercession in order for us to be able as animals to achieve everything we have accomplished. Ego will be our ruination. Every now and then we should practise recognition to our benefactors and even greater things will come.
  10. I am as open minded as anyone and believe that all good religion hinges on the premise of the golden rule. If you abide by it, at least there are its own rewards. I'm not trying to convert anyone, just relating my own personal experience. I could not possibly justify my looking for a way to manipulate the creator. You seem to have a specific study for me so yes I am perfectly willing to listen to you. I think if it has too much to do with self-absortion though you would be wasting your time with me. Unfortunatly it seems as though there has been a divorce in the family of God and the playground of this earth is where his anxiety and hostility is being vented. I did some automatic writing (3 days in solitude) and that was basically the report.
  11. A good doctor would not tell YOU that you are manic depressive. Possibly someday amphetamines, even cocaine will be once again prescribed and he could tell your pharmacist. Stay away from the drugs he IS prescribing. Your state of awareness, thanks be to God, has you confused and it is a profound thought that you are indeed a spirit person. P.S. God would play a guitar or a piano, possibly create an all new instrument, but the flute player has horns and has at least one guy fooled.
  12. I think that this is the reason almost all children and some adults can be tickled physically. It is for this equation. Materialism should not exceed your willingness to provide materials. Why people laugh is usually caused by a sense of impossibility and a deep belief that all things are possible (if not likely) plus the suggestion of something outrageous. We should not laugh at another's misfortune.
  13. There is a place in heaven for you!!! Congratulations!
  14. I think your perceptions are quite accurate. In answer to your question it may help you to know that we are on a crazy course and have been destroyed and re-created. There is a family of God involved and power, action and reaction. The plan is by the creator to do the best he can (and I have every confidence)_with what he has to work with. There is nothing super-natural in the perfect world but what do you know? To see god's face and realize his importance and realize his are the creations and the mercies and afflictions has been my privledge. Yet as awe-struck and dumbfounded as I was, it was my own identity that I became aware of with a true sense of humiliation. I would advise you to abide by those commandments, however controversial and give my thanks to the one that died for me.
  15. They weren't the cowardly terrorists Bush would have you believe they are. There must be a legitamite belief or grievance to provoke someone to take over a cockpit and crash a plane into a tower. Pretending you say? Not everyone. Family values, beliefs, politics, ethnic backround, etc. may differ greatly from person to person. The golden rule would be the ideal religion but what happens when it's violated? I would not be such a reactionary to these events myself bcause of the self sacrifice of the perpetrators. First I would try to understand what it is they were saying. They might not have been right but have earned the right to be heard.
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