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  1. mota mandeer kai kalyan na kare... u need to have saints which follows a true sampraday .........
  2. Lord Swaminrayan says " Gnyan hova chhatan je anusarto nathi tenu moksha nu mukelu bij khatam thai jaay chhe, ane te pachhi anant kaal sudhi prithvi par bhamya j kare chhe pachi bhale te game evo moto sadguru hoy".
  3. he is alive and found nodays towards mahendra jungle near himalaya.
  4. please post any reference where Lord Swaminarayn states about Gunatit Parampara? Swaminarayan Bhagwan would have done murti pratishtha of Swami Ramananda in all mandir he built? Why did not Swaminarayan Bhagwan have murti pratishtha of Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami in All mandir?
  5. Many many thanks and pranaams to das ka das.
  6. I agree with ravan's asking brahmins to pay taxes... I heard it in a ramayan parayan from H. Jagatprakashdasji swami from Dabhan...GJ.
  7. Jai Swaminarayan. I have been with Vadtal Laxminarayan Gadi since I was born. I follow this religion too. I believe that We must not fight arguing about who is wrong and who is right. Also, someone stated that Hariprasad Swami is talking that pramukhswami beat him up.......That is not right. I have listen to H. Swami and He is one of the best Swaminarayan Sant. I recommend other satsangies to listen to his pravachan..........His vaatos are more clear about Vachnamrut..........I personally believe that he is very very true saint of Lord Swaminarayan. I do believe that Pramukhswamiji is also same. Also, H. Swami prays to pramukh swamiji in his daily pooja. I have seen H. Swami doing pooja about more than 15 times. He does not talk about rubbish about anyone. Shriji maharaj ni jay.
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