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  1. whom should we follow? All religion are sacred we can't establish ones superiority over other.but there are some conflicts as well According to the major teachings of Lord Budha He said that There is hardly a place where you can hide from your karma- phala, you will have to suffer for your bad karmas. But when we try to find the meaning of following verse from Shri Bhagwat Gita, sarva dhrma pritajaya mam ek sharnam vrja ahm tvamm sarv papebhyo mokshyami ma sucha is it really possible, if a day when someone gets enlightend his al past karmas burns and he never returns for karm-phala then what about the teachings of Great Budha. plz. someone correct me.
  2. These incidences are nothing but a proof that you are a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. such things happen to devotees and for them it is a firm proof of that God always sit in the devotees heart. for some athiest it may be a co-incidence but for a devotee like you it is well planned meeting by Lord. Now i have one request to you, we have heard a lot about Deve Mira but many of us are unfortunate enough to know something about Guru Ravi Dass who enlightend many followers about Lord Krishna.many books n movies i have seen about Devi Mira but there is hardly any description about Guru Ji , so i request you to enlighten us about Guru ji and plz. mention about him in your book. Also it will be your kindness if you can write down some texts about him here too. These incidences proves your great faith in Lord Krishna and Lord's love for you as they dont happen with everyone. Bhakt Arun Momia
  3. certainely dalits and low castes were oppressed for years by upper castes. if we look at the land holdings in the indian villages most of the land is in the name of upper caste people. low case people are oppressed till date,institutions like ISKCON and his divine grace Prabhupada swami has done a remarkable work to remove this caste system. now whole of the brahmins and upper caste community should feel sorry for what has been done in past , low caste people should be given their dye credit. all the serveys by indian organisations clearly speak that there is still maximum infant mortility, mother mortality and poverty among the SCs and STs. even after 50 years of independence they are still dying of hunger. Swami Vivekananda's mission is not fullfilled, so let us all brahmins and upper caste people pledge to provide them their due share and show the world that we hindus have no differences on caste basis.
  4. why do we meditate at all, for pieceful living in this material world,finding solution to your problems by communing with God . if it is so then you are wrong somewhere, slowly it will take you away from materilaism and you will start feeling better in seclusion,a life devoid of passion ,then comes a stage of frusreration when you start crying for salvation as there is no comeback from that stage of seclusion and detachment but salvation happens at its time and till then you have to wait n wait, may be for years you have to be in that stage of seclusion,
  5. an easy way to controle your sexual instict is whenever you feel losing controle, you need to refresh your thoughts and fill mind with freshness pranayam is an easy method, just hold your breath for a little time and then leave it slowly and then do it once again and hold it little longer , release it slowly .you will find after doing three times there remanines no lust in your mind and you become free from ill thoughts try this,next time........
  6. My apologies to shantnu and Prathamesn but one should give due care to his wordings, how can you use the word misleading for the personalities like yogananda and swami ramdev, just look at their contribution to mankind. today YOGODA has lacs of followers, Kriya Yoga came as a bliss to western people, A light for humankind that got blind in materialism.And what to talk of swami ji contribution who is giving new life to almoct died Ayurveda and Indian yoga. so many people getting benefitted by pranayams.today whole world is recognising this heritage and at oneside pepople are disparaging thier thoughts. All monks come out with their findings after immense hardwork , Budha too ridiculed vedas,Swami Dyananda opposed idol worship contrary to vedic thoughts, it doesnt mean they were wrong , only thing is that we misunderstand and misinterperate their message. I tell you one short story once a person came to Swami Vivekananda asking for donation for a Goshala saying that they are protecting the sacred animal, Swamiji responded in a harsh manner and told him that there are too many human beings dying of hunger and thirst and you dont bother about them instead you are protecting cows with no intellect, man asserted that it is the karm phal for those human beings and we can not be blamed for that.this reply upsets Swamiji and he told that person there is no karma better than the service to humankind as it is the supereme creature of Almighty, cows and all creatures and all other activities are secondory. does it mean that Swamiji was averse to protecting animals,NO but idea was to protect mankind first, this is what the statements of Yogananda and Swami Ramdev tells us, One can not believe in astrology alone and sit for good fortune but good karmas are must good thoughts are must.
  7. i feel surprised when people say that they dont believe in allopathy, no doubt these medicines hav the healing ability and are effective enough, but people stick to ayurveda, what ayurveda actually is basically what has been invented by rishi ayur. he himself was a scintist in one way. all things in this world are done under the guidance of supreme Lord, it is only the medium tha changes, it was rishi ayur at that time but now too Almighty is helping people through these todays medicines, Ofcourse He can cure anybody without any medicines but this material universe has its own laws and they need to be followed,Spiritual healers by the power of their yoga are free from these laws and they can cure someone without any medicines, so at last , point is not that it is ayurveda or allopathy but how much is HIS grace with you, it is too difficult to find a real spiritual healer in the Kaliyuga, so better not to get cheated and follow the trends.Rest is ones own faith and destiny. yogi momia
  8. All these holy scriptures are not bound by time. they get revealed to a true devotee when he has implicit faith in both lord and spiritual master. it is clearly mentioned in the Svetasvatra Upanisad (6.23) yasya deve pra bhaktir, yatha deve tatha gurau, tasyita kathita hai arthah, parkasante mahatmanah. i wonder why people are feared of extinction of these scripyures. they endured for thousands of years, it was just because of the Supreme wish, He wants people to get benifit from them and reach to Him.when a yogi sits in trance and attunes himself to Supreme will, rest all appears as maya to him.All these Vedas get automatically revealed to him.This is the reason why in Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna stressed more on yoga practices.
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