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  1. Sukhmani Sahib Video [English Translation Part 1] Part 2 A Shabad
  2. How can we determine the smallest or biggest when we are sleeping . Only he's awake whose 3rd eye is open and is not dreaming to find the size of the universe through theories written using 5 senses. Only he sees that there's nothing else other then krsna. How limitless can have any size . Krsna is the thread that goes thru everything so chant the mantra to wake up and realize your true form.
  3. Human body is composed of 5 elements. Earth, Water , Air , Fire [Light] , Ether [space] . Earth and Water have the highest compostion percentage in the human body. Whereas in devtas[angels] , Fire[Light] has the highest compostion ratio. Hence they are not usually visible to our eyes . They are not bounded by earths gravity too. But inorder to reach hari , human body is required as Jap/Tap [Chanting/Brahmacarya] and nullfy of good or bad karmas is only possible with it so even most devtas desire for a human body inorder to attain moksha. So getting human body is by great fortune and chanting true mantra is even greater and reaching hari is the greatest.
  4. Srila Prabhupada just retold what was told by Krsna in dwapar yug. But which dwapar yug ? As the yug cycle had been already revolved for many times for the souls away from hari and in the grip of kal. The moon we see and analyze in this kalyug might be in different condition during that time. Just like in treta yug even a monkey had better divine knowledge than a kalyugs human. We can dig upto earths crust and find out the artifacts but what lies in mantle in molten state ,due to earth convection, is almost impossible to know.
  5. Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yog (SSKY), this name completely conveys the process and the goal of this sadhana. 'Siddha' stands for divine or top most, the top of head which is called 'Sahasrara' also called as 'Siddha Kshetra' and from their all the fluids of life are being secreted to nourish the body and provide energy to perform all the mundane activities. In scriptures it is named 'Amrit' while doctors & scientist name it hormones or juices and consider essential for life. 'Surya' as we all know is the ultimate source of energy and the basis of our this earth but in the body also we have an energy center located in naval region and that is also called as 'Surya' of the body. Normally, this sun or the energy center in the body is dormant or very dull so that body is unable to get rid of all the mud and muck and rather keep on storing it as a resultant of food and other intake through our sensory organs. Once awaken this sun may set all these garbage ablaze. And then this sun may not be limited to naval region only, it will rather expand to cover the whole body and will reach till the Siddha Kshetra in the crown of head. Then this heat will increase the secretion of nectar which in turn will further fuel up the heat so they both will feed each other. In this condition body will not require any food or alike from out side and would truly be called as self sufficient or 'Poorna' then this very body would transform into divine one and merge into that. But as we have seen this can not happen on its own but some action or 'Kriya' is required for that. This is what SSKY aims at, adjoining of Shiv & Shakti or Siddha Amrit & Surya through action 'Kriya'. This may also be called as awakening and advancement of Kundalini
  6. Those who don't believe in ghosts , actually don't believe in soul . They just think that they are this body. Just like monkeys of kalyug can't understand this fact.
  7. Black magic doesnt work on the true devotees. True devotees are full of pranas. Mira drank poison and nothing happened to her. You can have extraordinary power of concentration, strong will and a perfectly healthy and strong body by chanting internally and practising Pranayama regularly. You will have to direct the power of Prana consciously to unhealthy parts of the body. When you advance in your concentration and practice, you can cure many diseases by mere touch. In the advanced stages, many diseases are cured by mere will. Ghosts are also made of pranas and they can effect those who don't have much and so their mind is fickle. You can conserve and enrich yourself with pranas , for your spiritual advancements, with sadhna and practising brahmacharya .
  8. Thanks to Swami Buddhapuri ji for reviving the old practise of surya sadhna. He's a true guru in this kalyug. I've been doing this great sadhna for around an year and half now though with open eyes and have been progressing in spirtual journey.
  9. Man Levitates Outside White House http://video.nbc4.com/player/?id=170416
  10. Spiritedness bounds one to its own spirit engulfed in self ego whereas spiritualism to the higher self pervading in all forms without self ego.
  11. Who gave the definition of health at WHO ? Is that person spiritually enlightened ?
  12. Yada yada hi dharmasya,glanirbhavati Bharatah,Abhiyutthanam dharmasya,tadatmanam srijamyaham!Paritranaya sadhunam, vinashaya cha dushkritam,Dharmasamsthapanarthaya, sambhabami yuge yuge!! Lord Krishna to Arjuna (Shrimat Bhagavat Geeta) Whenever and wherever there is decline of dharma (righteousness) and ascendance of adharma (unrighteousness), at that time I manifest Myself in visible form. For the protection of the righteous and destruction of the wicked, and for the sake of establishing dharma again, I incarnate Myself on earth ages after ages.
  13. Do you remember about your last life cuz enlightened souls can always see the past and future clearly . May be then you can explain about how you were born enlightened . We too can benefit from it. Powers of Telepathy , Pranic Healic , strong sankalpas are completely true . Every one has these powers sleeping inside them. But these powers awake slowly as a side product for a sadhak engaged in sadhna for spiritual enlightenment . So enlightened soul have all these small powers . But vice versa isn't true. Presence of these powers doesn't imply that a person is enlightened. A fact about the moon moving closer or farther :- http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=124
  14. Would you please tell us concisely about how did you become superhuman from an ordinary human ?
  15. So where did our soul start its journey from ? or is that journey a form of circle with no end and beginning ? And we are always the form of true self no matter whatever dress we wear . And even isn't this materialistic ignorance just another form of the lord's leela ? So wherever we are , we are always at the lord's abode as it exist in our heart in the form of true knowledge or ignorance .
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