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  1. Srila prabhupada has clearly stated that DUE TO LEGAL (MUNDANE MODERN LAWS) we should not allow polygamy. But vedas dont prohibit it in Kali Yuga. In principle SP is not against it. Because of LEGAL COMPLICATIONS that devotees will land themselves in, SP rejected it.
  2. This site is growing rapidly. Please take advantage!
  3. Everyone is welcome to join and message me on messanger damodar.bvks for help!
  4. Sorry for any offenses. Accept my dandavat appologies.
  5. Point taken prabhu. But what is your response to my basic point. Doy ou agree or disagree and why?
  6. Christ is not mentioned in vedas. Also he ate meat, so he cannot be considered as vaishnava. So vaishnavas immediately reject claims that he is God and all such nonsense. This is not a criticsm against christ, but against foolish idiots who say everyone who dont accept christ will burn in hell bla bla.
  7. What you devotees think about this site? Please read on. By the potency of Srila Prabhupada’s books the number of practicing devotees is increasing steadily. Most of them do desire to get married, and it is imperative that they be married to practicing devotees. However, devotees often end up marrying karmis, forgetting Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s instruction: asat-sanga-tyaga, ei vaishnava-acara. A Vaishnava should always avoid non-devotee association. Such an association does not facilitate advancement in Krishna consciousness. grihasta is a humble attempt to provide a medium to find a compatable devotee life partner.
  8. Thank you. Such a service is urgently needed.
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