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  1. Radhey Radhey, If you want to meet him, then do. The official website is jkp.org, it contains the contact details for his ashrams in India and USA.
  2. Radhey Radhey Bhaiya, That is good to hear that people can be brought to Shree Maharajji's Satsang over an internet board. I started posting here during a period when there was alot of Namapradha here. The offender's identity was discovered by me and he quickly retracted. By the way, i'm curious of *your* identity. If you have been at Barsana Dham during Shree Maharajji's visit, then I must have seen you or know you. So, i might try to figure you out when i get time... Bye.
  3. Noo0, he'll be leaving in 10 days! And you'll miss the annual Mela on May 14th. I really think you should stay after all. Other matters can wait. After being around him for 6 weeks, it will be so weird when he's gone.
  4. View a live stream of the discourse right now at... barsanadham.org/live/streaming.html
  5. Radhey Radhey, I've only been here a few days and already it has seemed like many weeks. "Jai ho Jai ho Sadguru Sarkar...".
  6. Hi Humble Devotee, Thanks for posting the information on Shree Maharajji's visit to USA. I'll definately be there. I can't wait either.
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