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  1. Hello everyone. I just came back from Barsana Dham and it was amazing!! So much goes on everyday that it is hard to remember but slowly it will soak in.
  2. It is really nice that you have shared your experience with us. There are thousands of devotees who follow Shree Kripalu Maharajji and each one of them have their personel experieces (in hundreds) with him. Each one loves him so much that it is really inspiring to hear their stories. Keep connected with us. Are you going to see him in Barsana Dham, Austin? I am leaving today for 10 days.
  3. You can pass the exam only by studying hard. Any kind of worship to God should be done just to please Him and not to ask for worldly things from HIm. The results depend on your luck and hard work. I wish you pass with your effords.
  4. It is due to our previous love for Krishn, that we have these strong feelings. I also didn't know that it is possible to have these strong feelings of love for Krishn as you have fallen in love and cannot live without Him. I always long for these but it came true when I met Shree Maharajji for the first time in Vrindaban. When I entered the prayer hall, I burst into tears and then cried nonstop for two weeks. It was a totally divine experience and after that due to Maharajji's Grace everything in the world changed. All the priorities just changed. It is like a pain and pleasure in the heart which makes one dettached from the world like a prem divani. All that knowledge of the scriptures is there for us to take us to this place where love is the only language
  5. I am glad to hear your opinion. The only reason I started to take part here because one devotee told me that she heard about Maharajji through this. For that reason I thought if we could talk a little about Maharajji then may be some soul, who is longing for braj ras, can come to him. Even if no other person understand atleast we can stay in touch with each other.
  6. It is very difficult to remember Krishn at the time of death, because as I heard that death is a horrible experience, as the pain one feels when the soul is snatched out of the body is untolerable. But those who love and remember Krishn whole-heartedly Krishn make that trasition very easy. Some people think that by following a group (sampraday) and chanting all day is enough and they are devotees. But that is not enough. All the promises Krishn makes in Bhagwat Gita and the Shreemad Bhagwatam is for totally surrendered souls (Saints). They are the bhakta who are protected by Krishn.
  7. The Forth and the final lecture of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj is coming live this Saturday at 12:30 pm eastern time. All the secrets of Bhakti will be revealed.
  8. IN world people pray for so many reason but praying just for Krishn's love and darshan is the first step of Bhakti. These great saints, most of them were descended from divine abodes (avatari saints) to show us the path. When we start bhakti, we start with sadhana bhakti and then with the grace of Krishn we enter the bhav bhakti. In this bhav bhakti there are so many stages (you can find these in Bhaktirasamrit Sindhu). It is like depth of love and sweetness keeps on increasing. If you ever desire that depth, where you are in love and no matter what you do, Krishn is always in your mind. You cry in love and it is such a pleasure. You are driving to work but tears of love and seperation just fall without you trying then you Krishn will arrange for you to someone who can show you this kind of way. Until then whatever one practices for purifying the heart and mind is great!
  9. Any bhav one has for Krishn is great!!! Krishn is all-blissful. But here is a matter of intimacy. Like if you think of Him as father, mother, or friend then you can not enjoy the bliss of Gopi bhav. YOu are right about the choice. The feeling we have for Krishn is from the devotion we have done in many many life times. The ultimate is Gopi bhao, which is praised in Shrimad Bhagwatam. I have a book (speech given by SHree Dongre Maharajji), where he says over and over again that the nishkam prem of the Gopis is of the highest kind. Also in Bhagwatam, Uddhav says that he would like to be a creeper in Braj so he could have the footdust of Gopi fall on him. Gopi bhav is is not suitable for every soul due to our previous devotional practices. nice to hear from you.
  10. If you really want to know about Krishn-bhakti, watch the last lecture of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj on TVAsia or on your computer at Barsanadham.org website on Saturday 12:30 eastern time. He gives hundreds of quotes (Gita, SHeemad Bhagwat, Veds and purans) to make us understand the real secrets of bhakti. IT is absolutely amazing. It can change life of a sencere devotee.
  11. Maharajji's lecture is coming again tomorrow at 12:30pm. How you all see it.
  12. I was shock to read your posting. When Krishn came to earth the whole Vrindaban (Gops and Gopis and even plants) came from Golok with Him to take part in the leelas. I could not read anymore after reading Shree Radhika's name. SHe is Krishn's Prem Shakti, and Kripa Shakti. This is an offense to talk about her like that. Fire and power to burn cannot be seperated. IF the fire does not have power to heat then what good can it do. Similarly, you cannot seperate Shakti and Shaktiman. Please think about it and read more about Shree Radha.
  13. Well, if one could fall then there is no need to do devotion because if we give up the world and reach Divine abode and can fall again then there is no reason to try to reach there. This is totally not true that we were with God once and fell. impossible!!
  14. Krishn met Mother Yashoda and the Gopis in Kurukshetra (I think it was some auspecious occassion) after many years.
  15. Dear Das ka das, You are right! we can not love one and ignore the other. Radha and Krishn are one. THere is one verse from our scriptures that say (ek akriti ....) They have same akriti, one soul and two bodies. It is amazing to learn and experience the world of Krishn's love. You can find in Chaitanya-Charitramrit (in the conversation of Shree Chaitanya mahaprabhu and Rao Ramanand) that worshipping Radha is the ultimate. I was surprized to read that also. If you want to see the quotations of the verses, you can buy 'Bhakti Shatak' it has 10-15 quotes from different scriptures about Radharani.
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